The Catholic Church Again Shows its Colors

A New Report Details the Questions the Answers to Which We Already Knew

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI

8/16/18, 4:46 pm EDT

By John Corry, photo from Project Avalon

Yesterday, a report (full report) was released damning over 300 Jesus-killers to an eternity of purgatory in a sweat-shop with their grandmothers (at least). A grand jury investigation in Pennsylvania has found that more than 300 ‘predator priests’ have been credibly accused of sexually abusing over 1,000 children over the past 30 years, and that a conspiracy stretching to the highest points of these dioceses have gone to great lengths to cover it up.

The report comes amidst a series of similar investigations over the past, well, FOREVER, though none half as big as this one (a similar investigation in Boston in 2002 had about 130 victims, however making this one quite a bit bigger). The current investigation covered six dioceses in the state of Pennsylvania: Allentown, Erie, Greensburg, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and Scranton. Keep in mind the state has only two other dioceses, Philadelphia and Altoona-Johnstown, both of which have had similar allegations held against them in recent years (see those links).

I don’t want to get too wrapped in the stats here, as I think most of us have heard of the things said about the Catholic Church in recent decades. My current concern is more pragmatic. US law prohibits many of the crimes detailed in this report from being brought through, so many of these shit-eaters will not reap the confessions they’ve spent their entire lives trying to defend.

Because of this, I do not find the outrage and anger I’m so eloquently putting forth here as permissible as my heart may want to convince me it may be. I want this to stop. I want these Ultimate-Sins to stop, and that really is the only correct word (for once). Any not-even-decent, but simply living person (living defined as existent in a world with many other living beings (meaning: these ‘priests’ don’t give a fuck about God (understood as the out-of-focus one in the infinite (as opposed to: Jesus?))), would agree with me: what is happening in the Catholic Church needs to stop.

So how does that happen? First off, despite some fair arguments I’ve heard (they’re in there (around the 9-minute mark)) to perhaps counterbalance this inquiry, it is absolutely unacceptable that the Catholic Church has yet to MAKE A TOTAL PURGE THROUGHOUT ALL OF THEIR DIOCESES ACROSS THE PLANET OF ANY AND ALL OF THESE CHRIST-KILLERS still allowed to hellify their communities. And by total I do mean a TOTAL, FULL OUT PURGE (total-banishment).

While it is never okay to subject children to assault from adults of any kind, when done in the name of God, and in the case of the Catholic Church: what they claim to be the tangible personable extension of the truth of God (Jesus), this type of arrogance and disobedience to the Word is damning to the entire species. The Intellect cannot finds its footing without at least a toe in the divine, which, at this point (perhaps finally) it may be able to at least hear from a guy as friendly-looking as Pope Francis (to clarify: this is something of a joke) (the Intellect must watch its back as far as its knowledge is concerned; I only talk up Francis here, because he’s made more of an effort to address this issue than any other pope I’ve heard of, though that may be my liberal bias). You guys (the church) claim to care about human lives; it’s time to put a stop to this. Your institution has already been fundamentally damaged; don’t let the entire general human understanding that is the idea of ‘God’ go down with you.


All that's all I have to say here. That and the ‘Christ-Killer’ thing (these priests are almost literally stabbing Jesus in the back with this shit - they’re not priests, they’re Christ-killers (you want a personification ofJudas, that seems to me to be the entire Catholic Church at this point - in fact, this may even be worse than what Judas did (as far as I know, Judas didn’t fuck with any kids)). As far as institutional attachment or a need for institutional validity and exacerbation as regards both the general and the individual human experience (relation), at a certain point: enough is just enough. We’re dealing with exactly half (the emotional half? The infinite possibility for relation and a non-absolute infinity (faith)? A metaphysical focus in fundamental relativity? Etc.?) of the very heart and soul of what makes a human being, the only example we have of (right now) of proven consciousness (the other half, by the way (of ‘the human soul’) being knowledge, reason, and science).

After so many decades, the human psyche can only take so much, and the understanding of that mere idea of God must so then crumble and melt away through this fire of indulgence, fear, and uncertainty.

Make a stand, Frank; where you at?


I would like to make clear that this was written to serve as a way to think about some of the issues at stake here on a more metaphysical-psychological level (the spiritual soul of the species itself being at stake and all). There is much more to discuss. I apologize for the satirical tone (ish (that picture is of me)).