Why Hillary Clinton Needs to Go Quietly the FUCK Away (A Seriously Bipartisan Take)

OPINION: Her Need for Public Admiration Shows a Serious Lack of Responsibility in the Former Secretary of State, During One of the Most Turbulent Times in American History

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

9/28/17, 8:21 pm EDT

By John Corry, Photo from YouTube

There’s an old saying I’m going to pretend I didn’t just make up: “Winners gonna win, losers gonna lose.”

We’re all still reeling *DYING *DYING *DYING from one of the most divisive elections in American history almost a full year ago. While there might about a billion reasons why this may be the case–and both for and against either side in relation to any issue you may want to talk about in regards to that election–one thing is for sure:

It's over.


There’s no redoing it, and there’s more to be learned from thinking about how, and why, it happened, and how and why it happened the way that it happened, than there is in simply doing nothing more than producing insipid and half-assed sketches of the players involved (yes, I mean much of the media (and I’m sorry to restate that so often, but goddammit, man (at the very least, you kind of handed Trump the election), and anybody trying to argue that anyone (‘stupid’ or otherwise) is anything ‘less’ than human (it’s DNA; even Hitler, the Joseph Merrick, and David Bowie were humans (well, maybe not Bowie, but that’s a totally different argument I’m not going to get into here)) is a fool. To quote one of the great all-time bipartisan geniuses (Eminem) here, on that ASSHOLE Moby (that was a joke):

“You’re too old, let go, its over. Nobody listens to techno.”

This is relevant for three reasons: 1.), techno is a term some people don’t even know exists anymore (it’s a kind of music, close in sound to EDM); 2.) Eminem is ALWAYS relevant, and 3.) Hillary Clinton apparently doesn’t even have that one thing that made her appear as such an irresistibly better presidential candidate than Donald Trump (a vagina?)–

I’m speaking of course, of intelligence (<3).

Trigger Warning for ‘Trump fans’: don't worry, I'm getting to Clinton, but please remember that Trump is not a God (idiots (Emperor?)), and he needs to be called out when he fucks up just as ANY other person in ANY position of power does (which is a conservative argument at least more than a liberal one if conservatives claim the sect of responsibility and checks and balances). If Trump had more brain than balls (and simultaneously gave much of a fuck about the future of all Americans), his calling out Colin Kaepernick, for example, and his subsequent tirades against the NFL being its own business entity existent outside of government, is a stupid move. Tensions have been steadily rising between various sects, be those sects ‘racial’ or economical or where people's political ALLEGIANCES are or whatever (favorite football team?), and it seemed to have entered into its ‘primetime stage’ with the advent of the events in Charlottesville a few weeks ago (where a bunch of RETARDS went RETARDED and everyone FREAKED out as if self-proclaimed RETARDS deserve any thought or care beyond what the simple fact that their existences say something about humanity).

But apparently, Trump doesn’t understand that. If he did, he wouldn't be talking the shit he has been, and he wouldn't be doing it in such a way that seems to, almost intentionally, make those who fear his presidency–for whatever reasons, right or wrong–more violent (this isn't to condone the violence of the 'left' in recent months, only to say that Trump certainly doesn't seem to care about helping to stop it in any way (if he can help it in any other way than with his balls (and yes, that was something of a compliment (complicate times, man, complicated times))).

Worse, it seems as though Trump doesn’t even grasp the fact that he is the president now, or at the very least what that means on a day-to-day basis in a country growing more divided each day (it may seem). The fact that he is president means he represents the entire country (of course), which, if his tirade against the NFL over the past few days is any indication, he doesn’t give a FUCK about doing. In addition, people are also split on this issue very much along party lines–as with many other issues of relative (or even obvious) importance–which is another indication of the potential to further that split, accidentally or otherwise.

Trigger Warning to ‘liberals’:

I’m not sure if this is unexpected or nearly as APOCALYPTIC as certain parties may make it seem. If Trump is doing anything good for the country, it’s that he’s getting normal people like me and my (…retard?) friends to talk about this kind of shit. He won the presidency, in some due part, to the divisions he naturally embodied, which has much more to say about the state of our general consciousness (as a country) than it does any potential for mere (continued) shit-talking, conspiracies aside–

Conspiracies not aside: what the FUCK does Hillary Clinton think she’s doing right now, tho?

Again, I am not going to say that Trump is not a dividing little asshole who stumbled upon the greatest PR scheme in the history of big business. Nor would I try to argue that he’s not actually smart enough to realize what he’s doing, Underneath it All #NoDoubt. It’s very possible that all his shit with the NFL and what-not over this week is meant as a distraction from something else, or even that he and/or the government may have some devious master plan to take over the world (!) in which his recent actions are an integral part (omg).

But that’s not my concern right now.

‘What do these divisions do? And how did they get to where they are now?’

That’s my concern.

And at least Donald Trump has on his side the fact that when it comes to critical thought or having an intellect not inherently attached to how much money can be made out of it, he’s likely a fucking idiot.

“Hopefully, (Trump) hasn’t ordered the killing of people and journalists and the like,” “I don’t think he values democracy,” “he attacks black athletes, as he did starting with his rally in Alabama. Continued on Twitter. And he attacks them for protesting peacefully…”

Again, I am not trying to defend Trump being a piece of shit–he is (the guy sued Bill Maher because Maher called him half orangutan)–but, by this point, we all have our opinions of him, and will continue to be brought to opinions by his actions in the coming months and years he’s in office. This a VERY trying time for this country. These ‘divisions’ we’re seeing right now go back many decades, and are due to a large number of factors (bigger factors than ‘stupid commies’ or ‘heartless capitalists’: ignorance and emotional indulgence (both equally, and equally on both sides)). To pretend that Trump is the only factor in the matter, or that there is any one side or group to blame is about as RETARDED as saying that Hillary Clinton is made of sulfur and is singlehandedly the sole reason politics have become so out of hand (at the very least, I’d say that ‘chemistry’ has something to do with it ;D).

But if we’re going to argue that, then we can’t forget some other pretty basic facts…

Hillary ran a campaign based on nothing more, at its base, than how terrible Trump was, and how amaaaazing she was, for no other reasons (for the most part) than those simply categorical (namely: her being a woman). She didn't talk much policy, at least not in a way that really resonated with people who weren’t already going to vote for her no matter what, she didn't talk about how she would unite the country in any effective way (because, frankly, I’m not sure she understood what was really going on (pft– deplorable)), she didn't nearly inspire hope for what her political career could have been taken as (aside from the fact that, again, she was a woman with a resume (oh, man)), she didn't make herself out to be someone who cared about embracing ideas not her own, and she never came close to fessing up to many of the things people had a problem with her for. This isn't to say that she was 'less qualified' or the like (I'd say it's fairly obvious that's far from the case), and yes, there is certainly a degree to which the country seemed unwilling to get over the whole 'victim' mentality thing it clearly doesn't yet understand, but the more campaign went on, the more Hillary Clinton showed people who weren't immediately enthralled with her, why they might not be: she seemed to care more about gaining power than she did about actually improving the world. (Ironic this is the problem many have with Trump #ThatElectionSeriouslySucked,Man ?)

If Trump’s campaign was divisive because it was racist, homophobic and potentially authoritarian-leaning, Clinton’s was at least just as much so because it was pretentious, assuming, and potentially totalitarian-leaning (democracy necessitates leaders who think dialectically and can prove they think dialectically). 

She assumed people were going to vote for her simply because it was 'her turn', and because she’s a woman, or at least that’s what I and many others got out of her campaign, which means she only applied to her base and refused to be an actual person in any political arena where she needed to prove she had a heart and didn’t just want to be president for the power. (Admittedly, I voted for Hillary, out of a lesser of two evils type thing. At this point, I’ve decided I should have voted either for Harambe (as a joke) or 2Pac (not as a joke, that’s a conversation we should be having).

I certainly didn't like to admit it, but she was supposed to be smarter than that, she was supposed to be better than that, and, most importantly, she knew all that very well.

And now she’s back at it: pulling the same tricks, and dividing a country in dire need of someone with her clout to come along and argue the actual facts from an observational, and stringently intellectual (or: bipartisan? #SheIsFarFromBeingBipartisanRightNow(OrEver?)) point of view, inherently ignoring the potential for Trump to be as bad as many of us are continuing to fear, given that if the president has so much power that she can singlehandedly destroy the world, we are the ones who give her that power, and that we can take it away, only so long as we realize where we fucked up and why we gave her that power in the first place (what is: how civilization works).

Half the country is terrified that Trump is going to blow us all up, and they should be (because any American president has the power to that), but they should NOT be okay with violence as a justifiable response. The more Hillary talks shit instead of BRAINS (;DDD), the more those people lean that way–towards violence (again, NOT to give Trump ‘praise’ for not doing this (i.e. he’s been just as bad if not worse at it))–and it’s nobody’s fault (other than the media’s ($$$)???), in this regard, than Hillary Clinton’s decision to insert herself back into a situation she helped directly to create, by doing the exact same thing which brought it to fruition in the first place, and in an environment now where her mere existence–the mere mention of her name–causes further partisan division.

And the other half of the country hears Clinton talk nothing but shit and goes ever more into the hands of the big-strong-savior-man who’s going to make it all ok, ironically the same ploy Clinton tried to use in her 2016 campaign (women can be big-string-saviors too, guys, come on now).

We are better than this. As a populace, we shouldn't be letting our emotions get manipulated, even if we think/know it's for a good cause (manipulating emotions never ends well).

However, if the ignorant divisiveness of both (equally) Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is any indication, that may be just a little too much for people to hope for in this world at this point…

Too much money potentially lost ($$$).