Is Jim Carrey Priming for a Comeback?

Comedian Offers Potentially Bizarre TV Appearance Ahead of Spiritual Reawakening

A recent Jim Carrey on the red carpet.

A recent Jim Carrey on the red carpet.

9/12/17, 8:20 EDT

By John Corry, photo by Michael Stewart/Getty Images, video from E! News

On Monday of this week, an interview with Jim Carrey for E! News surfaced online. The video is posted below, and it shows an apparently newly un-bearded #No!(ThatThingWasSoAwesome ) Jim Carrey getting existentialist with a very uncomfortable-looking reporter.

The interview has been mocked online, with people calling Carrey 'weird' and coming off as 'crazy' for his ranting on the meaning of life and for circling around the interviewer before starting to talk to her. Looking at it without bias, is it really that weird? This is ignoring the fact that in normal life, circling around people may be rightfully considered taboo (maybe).

Good comedians, good entertainers in fact, turn interviews into bits, which is exactly what Carrey is doing in this (philosophical, but a bit nonetheless). Despite this inherent relation, the interviewer is thrown off the moment she sees him.

Based on the interview with E!, it seems Jim Carrey might actually have something to say about the world in a country where, right now, to say pretty much anything related to individual thought is apparently potentially career destroying. A lot of people get angry when their favorite movie or sports idols mention that they have political opinions, but the reality is that everyone has political opinions (political opinions: a subgenre of 'philosophical opinions' (the beginnings of civilization)). This demonizing of people for having the 'wrong' ones, or for even showing that they have any at all, regardless of who they are, idol or not, is a big part of the problems we're seeing now (get over it).

You know what else is a subgenre of philosophy? Art, or: insofar as art's a product of the mind and not a simple tool or instrument. Is that a reason why artists should share their opinions? Maybe, maybe not, but it's certainly a reason to give a crap when they volunteer them-

If you don't have to be a whiny little bitch about it.