Scaramucci Fired as Communications Director (RIP)

‘The Mooch’ Lasted Less Than Two Weeks.

Anthony Scaramucci–‘The Mooch’–IN PERSON!!!!!

Anthony Scaramucci–‘The Mooch’–IN PERSON!!!!!

8/1/17, 11:45 am EDT

By John Corry, photo from Variety

July 31st, 2017: a date of utmost importance–when true history was actuated in the execution of a single event–a date that will forever be etched in the American subconscious as the day it all began to truly go downhill, and to truly mean something. It was the day that the best continuous moment in all the history of American politics came to a screeching, unjustified, and totally-unnecessary halt.

It was the day the ten-day tenure of the now-former white house communications director, Anthony Scaramucci–the ‘Mooch’, for short–was ended.

What ever will we do when we no longer have Scaramucci to remind us of how AWESOME politics can be? What will we do when politics once again becomes nothing but a mere polarization of facts versus feelings, as if perception could run only on one of those things?

It was through Scaramucci that every side came together to understand that laughs and politics can be intertwined /> so long as we kept our heads on.

What ever will we do when we no longer adhere to the importance of holding laughing and learning in equal regards, as rest is to exercise? Or when that in-time realization is but a tiny cock on the body of the past (#BurnOnTrump?)? There are certain limitations of the human body, as Scaramucci has only been the most recent reminder of– as he also has been of the fact that Trump himself has reminded us of this all-too-well-known piece of 'evidence' as well (his small hands means he’s... smart?).

Note: There is a possibility that Scaramucci's firing coming almost simultaneously with the hiring of John Kelly as Trump's new chief of staff, who was reportedly the reason for Scaramucci's firing, means the Trump administration may be turning over a new leaf, but only time will tell on that one.

What is for sure–right now–is that Trump seems to have possibly gotten someone who actually knows how to make a politician not look like the idiot she/he truly is, rather than the actual representation which, for example, Scaramucci so perfectly represented for Trump. Kelly has a military background and has served as Trump's secretary of homeland security since Trump was inaugurated, so my comment about Kelly changing the narrative of Trump being an idiot in real life is only minimally backed by evidence, at best.

This is hindered on countenance alone. Trump tries hard to say that he's different– he's not, at least not in essence; he’s looking for power (though he may understand what that means better than most). He's a politician just the rest of them, for whom doing good for people is only a good idea because of the rewards it invites for the one 'doing good' *ComplicatedSubject. So he tricks the media into handing him the election because they’re too stupid to realize what they’re doing as far as psychology-and-propaganda go, and he controls the narrative if for no other reason it moves too fast for anybody to keep up. If only there were a term, for this idea...

R.I.P. Mooch. You may be missed or not missed, but, in this climate: you will certainly be forgotten.