Happy Fourth of July!

Through All Previous Trying Times in America’s History, America Has Prevailed

The American flag

The American flag

7/4/17, 5:50 pm EDT

By John Corry, photo from free-printable-flags.com

Today is the 241st birthday of the United States of America #Congrats. While we're all stuffing our faces with processed meats (myself included) and guzzling down our cheap-beer like it's sugar-water, I'd like to bring up an important point if I may *TheMostImportant, and I don't care how many of you 'Murica first' whackjobs are going to call me 'un-American' for saying it–

Happy Fourth! (Think about it.)

We all know what's wrong with the country, what's good about it, and what about it could surely be improved upon, and yet: while imperfect, it is still as best a country as we’ve got right now. What we don't all know is that the only way the country–or the world–is going to get any better is if we all come together and work it out; ironically the same way the United States was started in the first place before, almost immediately following the completion of the Constitution, the fathers split up into factions, and started passionately arguing instead of reasonably talking (fuckin’ whigs, democratic-republicans, federalists, it’s like they never even cared).

It may be tempting to bring up some of the shittier facts regarding our country (like everyone knows nobody does on any other day <3), but to bring them up on this day only pushes any potential ‘other side’ farther away, for no bigger reason than one strictly rhetorical, or as a rounded cheap shot, while for that ‘other side’ to get all up in the former's face about how GREAT and AMAZING AND ABSOLUTELY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY America is would only be doing the same exact thing. Both have their points and both have their faults; both have their ways of speaking, and both have the things they could work on to come together better with the thoughts they have yet to think themselves


As if you don't already do this every other day: maybe, just maybe, today you can simply CALM DOWN!, have a good day, and think that come tomorrow, you'll be clear headed and ready for a dialectical conversation hellbent not on winning, but on learning, living and understanding–

Because that's the way the country was made all those years ago (241, to be precise), and is now, currently, the only fucking way we're going to get out of this mess we've either created or attributed to, ignored or been driven crazy by, seen or understood #LearningIsTheOnlyWay #CalmTheFuckDown #CalmTheFuckDown #TheCircleOfOffense #CalmTheFuckDown #HaveAGoodTime #LifeIsNotAllAboutDeath #Understanding #JulyFourth #UnderstandingTheFoundingFathers #UnderstandingHowTheWorldWorks #UnderstandingPolitics #CALMTHEFUCKDOWN!!!!!!!! .