Trump DESTROYS CNN, as a Result Wins Travel Ban

When Jokes Go Too Far, Incredulity Ensues (*Clearly)

Actual photo of Trump physically assaulting CNN

Actual photo of Trump physically assaulting CNN

7/3/17, 1:44 pm EDT

By John Corry, photo from Twitter 

Early yesterday morning, President Trump tweeted a video of himself beating up a ‘man’ at a professional wrestling event a few years back. The president is known former affiliate of the WWE franchise, and given his love of telling mainstream media to go fuck itself, this should come as no surprise. The ‘man’ beaten up in the video had his face superficially imposed with a logo of CNN.

The ‘media’, of course (quotes to signify ‘mainstream media’, which really means all the channels everyone over 40 watches, and none of the ones everyone under 40 watches), has gotten all up in a shit storm over the tweet (which I’ll address further in a moment), but what they haven’t gotten into is that while they were jerking each other off at the fact that they were ‘savvy’ enough to get the president of the United States to admit to being ‘mentally ill’ and ‘unable to handle criticism (paraphrased, and both decent points to a certain extent #Don’tFreakOut!!!=P ), the supreme court voted to reinstate most of the details of Trump’s famous ‘travel ban’, banning entry from Muslims into the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries, none of which have ever had a citizen attempt to directly physically attack the United States (unlike Saudi Arabia, for example).

I do not mean to irreverently talk shit on CNN here, nor any other news outlet for that matter, to a certain extent. Honestly reporting the news can be a tough job, especially in a climate so filled with hostility and talks of violence relating to a misunderstanding of the way the world works (and people) (the fact that some type of power-play is always in the works (from a certain point of view), and that propaganda is an inevitable side effect of that fact), but the idea that Trump tweeting a funny video is any more violence-inducing or worthy of anyone’s time than real discussions regarding healthcare or terrorism is at least as damaging, if not more, than the fact that Trump is posting a funny, albeit extremely stupid and not-news-worthy, video. My personal experience with this: a friend of mine, more on the conservative side but far from a dick, sent me the tweet, commenting simply with a laugh and the fact that the fucking President of the United States just used it as an official statement, not even in one, but as an official statement from the President of the United States.

Obviously: the president should probably be above petty jokes like this, but it’s 2017, and Moonlight won best picture last year (there is no time allotted for any meaningful character development in that movie, and the aesthetics are OK at best; how this thins beat La La Land, Arrival, Manchester by the Sea, or even Hacksaw Ridge is beyond me (or is it?).

Maybe this is signaling a new era of American politics or even life on the planet (it is), or maybe it’s a signal that Morning Joe should cover some actual fucking topics and have actual dialectical debates (if he wants to retain relevance) rather than give a decent looking lady props on something she doesn’t need (seriously, have confidence in yourself, lady, you are (seriously) far from ugly; I know believing in yourself is hard but you should not care what a 70-year-old orangutan with an alleged micro-dick has to say about your physical appearance (unless… you’re considering a relationship?)).

There are two hands on which this plays here (as far as Thought is concerned #SorryNotSorry,ToGetAll’Philosophical’NShit#GoSuckADog(Plato,Republic,375e-376e) (this is a joke).

On the one hand: radical liberals and mainstream liberal media pundits are going to be piiiiiiiiissed…

And on the other hand: Trump’s supporters are going to find this video hilarious, if for no other reason that it’s simply fucking hilarious in its own right.

Even those of us who question Trump for his rhetoric and inability to see anything beyond his tiny hands, this video is epistemologically fantastic. This is not because we find CNN to be irrevocably terrible (however, rightfully on its way out (see: above) :/), but simply because it’s fucking funny, and it makes a mockery out of ‘assumption’. It might be shitty given the potential questions it raises in relation to the future of the country, the mainstream (mindless) majority, and the president (hence the epistemology joke just there (epistemology: the study of knowledge)), but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be asking those questions, or that laughing is unwarranted or somehow not ok (while perhaps not always being warranted (or appropriate), laughing is always ‘ok’ (example: the ‘shitty potential ‘questions’ it (Trumps’ CNN beating) raises in relation to the future of the country…’ is made emotionally easier to discuss and understand if a lighter air of discourse is being consistently established).

For the mainstream media to turn this into such a big deal not only exacerbates these people’s mistrust of the mainstream media–Trump supporters or not–but subconsciously forces the mainstream media to question what it’s actually accomplishing, while necessarily avoiding addressing it. This avoidance, escapism, and ignorance only helps any potential ‘tyrannical government’ (Trump or Clinton #Don’tGetTooTriggered!), hurts the mainstream media, and all media for that matter (‘what is truth?’ #WeFiguredThatOutLike2000YearsAgoBro)–because it irrevocably muddles the conversation (are we talking about truth/facts or are we making opinions?), and, most of all, it hurts the American people, because it causes confusion in our understanding of what’s important in any specific circumstance, as well as what power really means (an ignorance which invites tyranny, an ‘ignorance’ of the fact that we’re still figuring out what power is #NietzscheWentWayTooSoon).

Furthermore, for any potential tyrannical government to achieve its goals, it would need any media which may question it to come off as ‘fake’ or (more to the point here) with a hidden agenda. (This is not to indict Trump of doing this, as I find it much more likely that he would have posted the video simply because he thought is was funny (although I will admit that there also may have been a part of him which knew that posting the video might make it easier to pass the travel ban, and the healthcare bill (which has been moving seemingly as much in secret as fucking possible since its inception in the Senate a few weeks ago)))–This is one of the most basic understandings of how tyranny works, going all the way back the ancient Greeks– which makes it understandable for the media to be getting so butthurt over the entire situation. Any attack on the free press does need to be taken seriously, even if the ‘free press’ is even more full of shit than the government, although the process is obviously hampered in such a situation, potentially fatefully.

This is because, while the press can certainly be used to care more about pushing political agendas than actually teaching people ‘the news’, it still does not have as much power as the government. This means that the government can use the press in whatever way it finds appropriate so long as the press is willing to put Money over Matter, as we’ve all been brainwashed to do in this world in some way, and while I do not intend here to talk Absolute shit on the concept ‘money’, I will talk shit on the idea that the universe works only in Simple Opposites: yes, there is such things as up and down, but: what happens in between them, how do we ‘know’ them, are there any more variations (northwest?), etc.

Rather than forcing Mika Brzezinski to defend her ‘not-news’ facelift (seriously, YOU LOOK FINE!!! (much better than Donald Trump #MyDaddySays‘TheOrangeMan’CanNeverBePresident #He’sFuckingSeventyAndStillGetsTanJobs #Inspiration #InspirationFor‘TheOrangeMan’)) perhaps CNN would do better to ask themselves some more societally and historically relevant questions, some even related directly to its own survival, and the country’s:

Is it possible that Trump only posted this video because he knew that the liberal press would freak out over it? And when I say ‘freak out’, I do mean ‘FREAK OUT!’ (how many outlets are posting articles like this one? Questioning the role of media and the potential for disaster regarding the ‘mainstream’? How many ‘mainstream’ outlets? #Triggered much? #IAmIncludingFoxNewsAndBreitbartInThis#DeathToTheSnowflakes! …). How many times is Trump going to tweet something ridiculous until CNN realizes that he’s playing them? How many times until they grow the fuck up and have the balls to question their own existence, and the instabilities and contradictions that realization may reveal? Until someone far smarter than Trump comes along and finally shoves the knife right up to the heart, once and for all!?

Or, I guess the real question is: when does CNN stop making money?