Megadeth's Dave Mustaine: Bandmates Must Submit Song Ideas to Management First

The Founder of Thrash Metal Again Displays His Eccentricities

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth.

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth.

7/3/17, 2:43 pm EDT

By John Corry, photo from Metal Insider

If you're into metal, you know who Dave Mustaine is.

His reputation is probably more famous and in-the-news than any other figure in the culture, and even if you don't know him, you've extremely likely heard of his first band, the one who kicked him out the day before recording their smash debut record, despite stealing several o his songs: Metallic(R)a.

What you might not also know is that Dave Mustaine can occasionally be quite the dick.

There are times when I can agree with him, and I'll always bow to his feet when I remember Megadeth's first five albums, but there are some times where it gets rather difficult. Reading that he forces his bandmates to submit songwriting ideas to Megadeth's management and label to get the ok before Mustaine himself has to be bothered is one of those moments, and it happened just yesterday.

I realize that by this point in time, Megadeth is really more of a nostalgia trip. I like Kiko (Megadeth's newest guitarist), but the glory days of Freidman or Poland are long fucking gone and prior to Hardwired... (MetallicR's new record), the fight against the devil was getting admittedly quite futile (I did not like Hardwired...). Even the most optimistic of us are weary in expecting Mustaine to get his former sexy back. Still though, this trend of commercialized music and music writing is indeed worrisome, even more so now that we know that the guy who was once famous for telling reporters to fuck themselves is forgetting the whole reason he got into music in the first place (for: music).

Like, how the hell am I supposed to defend him against MetallicR nutjobs and circle-jerks now? Dystopia was ok, but there's now no escaping the commercialization poisoning our kids in the form of music-propaganda. Metal was our last hope, and the battle is far from over, but when it comes to getting into metal when you're a kid, nothing beats MetallicR and Megadeth (Maiden? Neurosis? Sabbath? Napalm Death? the list may go on...). Now that Mustaine has ALL THE SUDDEN turned to the dark side to replace his heroin habit, all we have left on the mainstream front are those class acts like Maiden and Sabbath, all on their way out. What happens in thirty years when Ozzy's a drifter and Disckenson's turned to meth to keep him young? Taylor Swift? Katy Perry? Hell, they already hate each other and, as far as I know, neither of them were ever even on drugs. What kid is going to give a fuck about metal when they Katy Perry shakin' dat thang on sucked down popsickles at CCD every Sunday?

Speaking of drugs, can a person become addicted to money? Family life? Christianity? Having so much power over other people that you force them to become mindless cogs for whom music is no longer anything more than a means to pay the bills?

Dave can do what he wants, and I do respect him; I'm just saying that, given his last few albums, maybe trying something new might do some benefit for a band long overdue for a general rehaul.

And if there's one thing Dave Mustaine has never done before, justified or not, it's willingly give up power.

... Is this a metaphor?