Linkin Park's Chester Bennington Commits Suicide, A Troll for the Trolls

The Singer was 41 and had 4 Kids

Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington on stage. Photo from The Sun.

Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington on stage. Photo from The Sun.

7/20/17, 3:38 pm EDT

By John Corry, photo from The Sun

*Offended Alert: I’m a little offended…

This one's for you, trolls...

'Member that time you gave Linkin Park a shit ton of shit for not making the record you wanted them to make? Their latest, One More Light, might not have been their best record, and I would admit that I didn't like it very much either, but, then again, I haven't really liked anything Linkin Park has done since I was twelve years old and Meteora was the coolest fucking record on the planet...

I could go on. I was a pretty big Linkin Park hater for quite some time, until I realized that the only person I was hurting in my talking shit on them was myself (I don't think Meteora is as good as I did when I was twelve, but that doesn't make it bad, nor anyone else a technical idiot for liking it (keyword: technical)). Yes, getting my opinions out is a pretty awesome, and arguably important (for mental health purposes (you don't want to hold things in)), thing to do. But there's a difference between talking shit with my friends, people whom I know personally, and who aren't going to go out and scream to the rest of the world how important my opinion is, and talking shit on the internet.


Admittedly, it's nobody else's job to listen to you (internet trolls), or to consider your trolls any more than the incoherent ramblings of a mad man, (which is essentially (DEFINITELY) all they are). But when happens when your shitty opinions, meant strictly as a negative, and nothing more, start to make their ways to the artist? Shouldn't the artist just consider them intellectual nothing-but-brainless-shit-stains just like the rest of us? Or is that simply not how they tend to think? Should they care what their fans think of their new shit? Or will they no matter what?

Clearly, I'm a little set off by this (my sincere apologies), and I will say that I don't think that trolls don't serve any purpose, or that they're wrong in going about their 'jobs' in the ways in which they do (although a target a little less emotion-based (like music) (and like politics, for example) may be far more productive and less regressive). An artist's job is to connect to people through emotions and to, therefore, help people deal with them (emotions), without making a thing over it (because that would stall the goal (of helping people deal with their emotions)).

We can pretend that emotions don't exist, but they do, so that's stupid. Before the words, before the pictures, before even the notes specifically made to convey such connections, the ability to see the connection is the first step, and this connection is not made by analysis, or by a straight forward attempt to live through it and do it; it is as simple as looking around, and letting it in.

It takes an inherently vulnerable person to be able to do this effectively and to make that connection, however technically incoherent or low-quality the art itself may be (in theory), is a plight no person can describe to someone who hasn't been through it. It is not the artist's job to acquiesce to your requests just because you're paying the guy, just as it's not your job to listen to something you simply don't want to listen to or find artistically null.

Linkin Park's music may be controversial (I guess??), but your STUPID opinions only aren't because you have no talent, nor reason to critique someone else's based on anything more than personal preference and psychological cowardice, but you can bet your ass that the guys in Linkin Park are going to hear your (shrill) voices. Why? Not because they 'need you to pay for their mansions' (though that certainly may be true for some artists) or to tell them that they do indeed have lives worth living, but because making art is their job, and listening to you, and caring about you, simply comes subconsciously with the territory (because otherwise the art wouldn't be made (or it wouldn't be made well), regardless of how stupid or heartless you may be).

I'm all for being controversial and pushing boundaries, but Chester Bennington had a good voice, and his lyrics were potent in regards to their subject matter (often mental illness). Plus the guy had six kids.

Do I need you to care about any of that to validate my assertion that Bennington had talent?

Fuck no (and fuck you). 

Or perhaps, maybe, (I need to care) about just as much as you do in order to continue pretending that your emotions are nothing more than internet trolls, or are best represented as such.