'Man' Attacks GOP Congressional Event

Sometimes, Names Don’t Need to be Mentioned

Actual photo of the shit-head referenced in this article’s title.

Actual photo of the shit-head referenced in this article’s title.

6/14/17, 6:16 pm EDT

By John Corry, photo from YouTube

Some douchebag shot up another public place earlier today. His name was 'who gives a fuck' and he was able to hurt five people, including house majority whip Steve Scalise, before the authorities were able to shoot and kill his cuck ass.

If it's of any interest, the event was a GOP congressional baseball practice and the shooter was a known Trump denier and former Bernie Sanders supporter, so of course everybody is getting all HOLY FUCKING SHIT THE WORLD HATES EVERYONE AND I'M ONLY A PART OF THE WORLD SO FUCK IT about it. May I suggest a crazy alternative #TheCraziest ? Can't we just leave it at 'domestic terrorism' this time? It is true that the Democrats as a whole have been particularly, well a little 'fiesty' this post-election cycle around (just a little). If you're being honest here though, can Republicans really say they haven't gone through anything at all similar in the last fifty years? Hell, it may not be not exactly the same thing, but if you're actually being  honest, the last ten?? #Let'sBeGrownUpsHere #GrowingUpIsHardToDo #BipartisanPoliticsAren'tEasy #UnderstandingUderstandingNotYourOwnIsGrowingUp #Dammit #Blink-182

Not only that, but Donald Trump is weird president for a multitude of reasons, not just a few, and they're not all easily understood, Obama in his way as well. Not sure what I mean? Well, then maybe we (you) should be concentrating a little bit more on those types of topics and 'talking points' than partisan politics and conversational mindgames #Hornballs .

#HornballCulture #IntellectualSex #SexIsAHelluvaDrug #Whoa,YouJust'Blew'My'Mind' #Whoa #NowThat'sAMindGame #TalkingHonestlyWithNoNeedTowWinOrLose,NowThat'sAMindGame