Five Things That Trump is Doing That Aren’t Terrible (Or, Dare I Say, Actually Good)

The End of the World is Farther Off Than it Looks

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

12/4/17, 5:22 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from CNBC

It’s been almost a full year since the world came to that screeching, terrifying, and horrific end we all died during at the end of January, 2017. Remember the fires, the bombings, and mass zombifyings of both rural and urban areas? Yea, Charlottesville was a tough week… But there are good things to be found in every death or rebirth– and die, and be reborn, we have, arguably, already done.

Many of us *WeALL *WeALL thought that the world was going to end at most around six-hundred and sixty-six minutes into the Trump presidency, and it was pretty hard not to think in this way if you were someone who understood the psychology behind despotism in any subconscious way (plato (*Joke)), but then: the world didn’t end. At that point, us ‘skeptics’ had but two opposing choices: refuse to even consider that we may have been somewhat wrong about a formerly fairly important part of our ‘ideology’ (that Understanding is as simple as: you either do it or you don’t)–or we could attempt get over it.

This wouldn’t have been too hard a choice if people didn’t have such a difficult time with grief and/or admitting the inevitability of human non-perfection. But if we needed any push into this path to not-being-stupid anymore, here are some relations to the original subject at hand (read the title), guaranteed to brighten anyone’s nonstop-politically-influenced day.

Just turn it off, dude; go play guitar for a few hours.

1: The existence of ‘President Trump’ has officially made challenging the norm the norm 

Ironic because he’s arguably the embodiment of it?

Trump has made a fortune off of doing everything either the safe/proven way/the way everybody else has done something (this is not say it’s always legit; il-legit ways of doing things are arguably even more ‘normal’ than legitimate ways), only with a little more pinash!–or ripping everybody off. Either way, his existence as current-president has officially made challenging what we understood formerly as ‘the norm’ as now something which should be re-examined. That does not mean that everything that was considered the ‘norm’ should be completely re-thought and re-done, but it is important for a world which finds itself relatively suddenly totally (relatively) different than any other world humans have known throughout their known (conscious?) existence (far more has happened on the general scale in the past 100 years than can be said at any other point in history).

This has been some time in the making, if you take a look at recent history (which I’d say started unofficially with the American and French revolutions, officially with Nietzsche’s ‘ubermensch’, and practically with the world wars and subsequent new understandings of society (as well as war)), so it’s not like Trump should be given all the credit.

Actually, I don’t know how much credit I’d give Trump in that context, but in the context of modern/present human in-time relations (now), Trump has proven himself to at least be somebody who’s made a thing out of something which until now has been pretty kept under the rug (obvious problems with ‘the norm’ (examples: intellectual dishonesty in mass media (it’s been there a while– it has to be, or they lose money), fundamental corruption clauses in how the American political system works, the average person’s surprisingly simple understanding of freedom, etc.)), so that’s gotta count for something, right?–


2: He’s getting more people to talk/care about politics 

And it doesn’t end there. Whether you’re on the Trump-train, you’re not, or, like a normal person who realizes that all politicians are subconscious representations of us and what we would likely do if we were in their situations, you see it as somewhat simpler: that while Trump is just something that is happening right now, more people are starting to care about knowing what’s going on in the world of politics.

And that goes beyond just paying attention to the news. For example: our understanding of how mass media relates to a populace has never really been challenged in America (hell, mass media as a concept is still relatively new), and it does say something when a podcast only available on the free Internet gets more listeners per episode than a famous cable-news show does viewers all week (talking Joe Rogan). To elaborate on that first point, mass news has become normal (and also for the first time in history, at that), and, as a result, can make people lots of money doing it (over time, subconsciously forming a situation where the money, overall, becomes more important than the product (seriously, all you guys had to do was not cover him so much (or make ANY kind of effort at the time to understand what he was doing (ahem– consider his supporters human beings (even the terrible ones (#UnderstandingBeforeJudgment) (assholes))))–

This fundamental mass misunderstanding of how people work, not only in the space of mass information (and therefore potential mass manipulation of information), but, more so in this matter, in the space of learning how people relate to themselves and others (philosophy/politics), is one of the biggest reasons why someone like Trump was able to gain power in the way in which he did, and this new interest in how it happened–on any level (emotional, technical, relational, etc.)–is nothing but a truly AWESOME thing, no matter what your views may be.


3: Economics

Economics is hard.

Most people don’t understand it (I don’t :p) (which may be why certain ideologies which may bastardize it have such an appeal?), but, considering what it really is (like: the science of how people survive of their own accord? An examination of production and/or pseudo-‘professional’ indoctrinations (difference there might have something more to say)? Something only for those who think in a certain way? Simple production? Total DRIVEL?), as well as the fact that it still seems, as a science, like it’s new/not nearly fully understood generally by everybody–and that it has proven itself to have some pretty big implications on humanity on some of its most basic levels–just because you don’t get it doesn’t mean it’s not important.


There are no morals involved in economics, that’s its whole thing–economics is Absolutely determinist (opposed to the Absolutely free-will psychology (in the sense that psychology starts with the choices people make, and assumes a stance that people do make decisions, whatever those decisions may actually be on the metaphysical scale)–what you’re looking for is ‘dialectical materialism’, and that is something different. You wouldn’t start arguing over how the doors are made when the current argument is figuring out how you’re going to price the car, or how to put the car together as a whole, would you? There are different degrees as well as paths to understanding, but each of those paths have also inherently to do with understanding other things at some point. However, the distinction must be there, because otherwise we’re likely not talking about the same thing anymore, as is almost always certainly the case whenever capitalism V. communism comes up (and just as Marx did, as far as I currently understand it).

I’m not going to argue over Trump’s morals, he’s pretty good at doing that himself (*Great), but I will say that he’s made a lot of money, and that he has for all intents and purposes been a big contributor to the American economy over the last five decades. Again, we can talk about the moral issues behind such a system–although that is still a different argument–but regardless, it doesn’t mean that we can forget the positives that have also proven to come along with that system (no more slavery, no poverty, etc.), nor can we forget that, if looked at completely non-biased, there are fundamental reasons, inherent in what it is, that prove why it’s done what it’s done when thought about with all morals aside (given that economics as a study is inherently amoral).

Economics is hard, but, perhaps, in this case (unlike with the fairly more simple ‘Politics’ (,|,)), maybe fully understanding it isn’t as important as admitting that you don’t know everything there is to know about it, and that there are people who know a lot if you’re willing to hear them out, and to allow yourself to actually think about what they say.

‘But they’re trying to brainwash me, dawg, and I already know they’re wrong!’

People are brainwashed by people, not ideas (ideas are created by people).

4: ‘Grab em’ by the pussy’

Because the fact that Donald Trump of all people is the freaking president of the goddamned United States. I just have to make the joke (small hands). Shit’s crazy: dude’s primarily known for starring in a reality/game show and telling people they’re ‘foired’.

Everybody knows ‘reality’ shows aren’t ‘real’. 

5: Politicians are starting to be viewed as normal people just like the rest of us (which is what they are), only consciously given more power by us (and that last part’s important) 

Let’s assume for a moment, and only for a moment, that Trump is as dumb as he seems (or smart, depending on your point of view), that there is some hidden agenda on his part, be it having anything to do with foreign governments, simple despotic tendencies/ways of thinking, or even the possibility that Trump may actually be playing some long, complicated mind-game and is actually trying do something morally good and psychologically sound.

None of the points in this article have had all that much to do with Trump himself as they have with the current space of politics in general and/or of philosophy as a whole. Just the fact that the former star of The Apprentice is tweeting twenty times a day, and is likely still so enamored by how hot is daughter is that he doesn’t even care what happens to her TRAITOR of a husband (*Joke), is the president exemplifies how out-of-touch the average Americans’ relations to her representatives and her understandings of what politics is has become.

Whether he meant to or not, Trump has made people see what not-paying-attention can do.

All that’s left now is figuring out what to pay attention to.

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