11-Year-Old 'Drag Kid' Dances for Money at Bar in NYC

The Child, ‘performing’ under the name ‘Desmond Is Amazing’, was dressed as a Gwen Stefani look-alike and appeared to remove clothing as bar-goers showered it with dollars and cheers

11-year-old ‘Desmond is Amazing’ acting the way all LGBTQ 11-year-olds act

11-year-old ‘Desmond is Amazing’ acting the way all LGBTQ 11-year-olds act

12/18/18, 9:40 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from the Daily Wire

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no idea how to refer to this kid. Is it even a kid? Is it a girl? A boy? An elephant (seriously, could someone identify as an elephant)? That’s a contentious subject which I find reason to be wary of if, even if only for reasons having to do strictly with emotion and nothing else (which is one-sided and inherently tyrannical: anyone can argue why their emotions ‘matter’ more than anyone else’s). It is for that reason that I will be referring to Desmond when necessary as ‘it’.

If you’re offended by that, be willing to actually listen to the reasons behind the debate (context/ideas>words) the next time it comes up .

A video, recently flagged by YouTuber Yosef Ozia of Ozia Media, depicting an 11-year-old child sensuously dancing at a NYC bar called Three Dollar Bill has put a fresh debate on the controversial 105,000+ follower Instagrammer. The ‘performance’ was promoted on Eventbrite by 3 Dollar Bill with the following statement:

"Only in New York... a nightclub that makes you go WHOA!!! FEATURING: Upcoming Legend from Television and the Runway: DESMOND IS AMAZING!!! PERFORMING LIVE! ... This stage, this dance floor, this house... is ours as long as we protect it."

I only mention this for reasons of full disclosure. With that in mind, the promotion goes on to say that the bar is "queer owned & operated and we foster a safe space from love. We respect all human persons as long as those human persons are also respectful to the ones around them."

‘Desmond is Amazing’ has been quite the rising star in LGBTQ and pseudo-liberal circles over the past few months. Touted as the ‘10-year-old drag kid’, Desmond has been featured on the TODAY show, and has received press from The Daily Beast and the Huffington Post, among more. It’s been called ‘hugely inspirational’ and has received a number of accolades. This is not for no reason: Desmond strongly stands by who it is, and that is something to be cherished, no matter where it comes from.

In response to this video, there will be outrage on the ‘right’, and defense on the ‘left’. The idea of a child performing a fucking striptease at a bar for money would outrage anyone, but the idea that LGBTQ people deserve general respect and basic human dignity is an equally important point as well. How these two things really intersect, I actually don’t understand, but this is the age of politics>literally everything else, so basic morals/evolutionary understanding apparently don’t mean shit anymore, unless Marx was merely a human being, in which case any deification or demonization of any human being renders any and all objective thought or debate as nil in the face of the obvious FACT that intellect is anything more than a mere fancier ‘call to violence’ in the place of the primitive survival instinct.

Children should not be doing anything even closely resembling stripteasing. Period. And especially not at a bar, of any kind (pretty sure it’s against the law to allow a kid to sit (and I’d assume dance on) any bar in this country), and especially not to a group of men cheering and throwing money at it (back in muh’ day, this is called pedophilia). After the ‘performance’ took place on December 1st, a one-star reviewer of 3 Dollar Bill on December 3 said via Yelp. "I left after seeing a child dance on stage for money at nighttime. This was on Saturday night and I have been feeling disturbed ever since.”

Clearly, this ‘person’ is anti-LGBTQ, and should be put to death (I’m sorry, but I just can’t see how it’s possibly okay to argue for a child to be stripteasing at a bar; this is not an LGBTQ issue, this is about pedophilia (the kid is stripteasing on top of a bar for money– how does the fact that it needs to express itself healthily trump the fact that an 11-year-old kid is stripteasing on a bar? Seriously, if you have an answer, I’d like to hear it)).

According to its website (which admits that Desmond has not entered puberty yet), Desmond is ‘a performer, drag kid, awarded LGBTQ advocate, outspoken gay youth, editorial model, public speaker, founder of his own drag house, fashion designer, muse, and icon. Most importantly, he is an inspiration to many and a representation of hope for the future to come.’

So, if we’re not going to be a dick, that last point is true (although, in light of ‘reasons of full disclosure’: to call a FUCKING 11-YEAR-OLD a ‘performer’ is just vague enough for us not to know exactly what they mean (i.e.: it’s a stripper (it takes its clothes off its skin, or else it gets the hose again– if any 11-year-old would understand that movie???) (also: what does ‘editorial model’ mean, exactly? And ‘muse’? Really???))). We all know what it’s like (or at least most of us) not to feel like we belong, or like we shouldn’t be who we are. A kid (or, really, the kid’s parents; that’s quite the list of ‘accomplishments’ for a freakin’ 11-year-old) who has the balls to be whomever the hell it wants to be, unapologetically, is inspirational, even if we may personally not find any inspiration in it ourselves.

But don’t misunderstand me: underage stripteasing is not inspirational.

And that’s what this is about (–my new catch-phrase): no sane person would find a video of sexually dressed child dancing for money at a bar not repulsive, but within the context of ‘there’s no such thing as anything anymore, let alone ‘child’ or ‘male’ or ‘female’ or ‘sexual’ or ‘McDonald’s 1,2,3 menu’ (not sexual)’, those are a lot of dollars accumulating on that bar.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Desmond said: "It is really amazing being in the spotlight because I get so much support and I’m an inspiration to so many people, which is one of my number one goals. I like all the fame, and helping the LGBT community fight for our rights." If this were anyone else, the psychological implications of a person saying ‘I like all the fame’ would immediately put up a red flag, which is not a slight against LGBTQ people, but at the horrible fact that 11-year-olds just don’t know that much. I don’t care that Desmond is dressing up the way it does, and I don’t even care too much whether or not it’s parents are making a fortune refusing to teach an ambitious kid that success includes introspection just as much as it does having balls and standing for who you are. I care about the fact that a freaking 11-year-old was dancing for money at a bar in NYC and that people are trying to claim that their personal rights to self-identity and expression are more important than any conversation which this event may bring up (those rights are important, obviously; so is the simple fact that kids shouldn’t be sexualized in any way). Which is all but guaranteed to happen, given the way the press has treated the strange nature of Desmond’s/Desmond’s parents exploits in the recent past. LGBTQ, ‘drag kid’, 11 years old, gay, ‘Desmond is Amazing’. Are these the things which define this human being? Or is ‘what makes a human being’ too complicated to fully possibly comprehend, and humans too inherently diversified through personal experience, let alone by any other factors, to justifiably assert that ‘identities’ and collective reasoning trump any argument claiming that no life can ever be fully quantified? Does anyone have the right to quantify any other person in any terms? Under any circumstances? Do we even have the right to do it to ourselves? (Objective/subjective perception.)

According to it’s website, Desmond ‘is not, nor has the desire to become, transgender. From early on, he has said that he is a boy who enjoys dressing up as a girl.’ In light of that, maybe I should stop calling it ‘it’ and go with the ‘he’?

I’d agree with that sentiment, but, at this point, this late in this article, and with all the outrage in it over words and pronouns over context and ideas, would it really make a difference?


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