The Zombie Ritual_A Second Coming (PDF)

The Zombie Ritual_A Second Coming (PDF)

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A Narrative Intro to Plato's Forms (Featuring the Circle of Forms, the Theory of absolute Absolutes (or: True Relative Opposites), and the Chariot of Death)

When a zombie outbreak puts a teenage dance party to a violent end, lovestruck metalhead Chuck Zelmer finds himself in a bloody, graphic and academically philosophic chase through the halls of the Bed and Breakfast where the party took place.

141 pages (story: 107 pages + Glossary + more)

Genres: Horror, Philosophy, Narrative Philosophy, Zombie Fiction, Fiction/Nonfiction, Zombie Apocalypse, Introduction to Philosophy, Platonic Philosophy, Post-Postmodern Philosophy, Critique of Postmodernism, Coming-of-Age, Romance

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**Parental Discretion is HEAVILY advised 

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