Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Three, Part Two (or Three Parts))

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Three, Part Two (or Three Parts))

This is the second part (of three) of Chapter Three to a novella called The Zombie Ritual_A Second Coming by r(E)volutionized founder/contributor John Corry. Book is available in the r(E)volutionized store.


“You guys do know I’m more into Death Metal than that ‘philosophy’ crap now, right?”

In that same cartoonish way Dick just did it, Chuck pointed his thumbs up and at the Autopsy shirt he was wearing, depicting a guy screaming as multiple needles and knives stabbed at him all over his body (also the cover of their critically acclaimed 1989 debut Severed Survival, fyi, #JustSayin’ #TotallyJustSayin’ #Ivanka’sPurse #KellyA-nneConwayPlug #TheMostEthical*TheMostEthical*TheMostMostM-ostMostEthical )–

“Kierkegaard ain’t got shit to say after reading the lyrics to ‘Charred Remains’–”

“Alright,” one of the other people in the circle (in fact, one of Chuck’s good friends from school, Rich), said. “So: what do you think of the argument? Just, real quick; not overthinking it?”

Helen came back, stood next to Chuck with her drink in her hand, and Chuck noticed her immediately. As a result, he hesitated before acquiescing to Rich’s request.


“Oh! Well, first off,” Chuck said. “Dick’s argument is pretty much the same thing as yours is–ah, what’s your name?”



Chuck thought of Scott Burns, the producer of Death (band), Cannibal Corpse, Sepultura, Cynic, Obituary, Athiest and more awesome bands from the Tampa Bay area back in the early-to-mid-nineties. He is given credit for having a big influence on the audio sound of the genre, and was instrumental

“On the whole, or at least arbitrarily,” Chuck continued. “The thought that racism is an evolutionary trait could be considered the same argument in regard to the existence of anything[1]. If it exists, or it has existed, it is part of, or: it takes part of, evolution[2]. This is evidenced by the fact that it exists[3]. I like your thing about neglect as it pertains to racism evolving as its own more complicated entity or ideal though, aside from being a major, though Simple, part of the Individual, or, more recently, the Societal mind[4]. Perhaps this new, more complicated entity-in-evolution (in this case: racism-in-evolution) is a combination of both (the Societal and Individual Minds)[5]? Or perhaps a bridge between the two?”

Nobody had anything.


“Anyway, I’ve known Dick for a good several years now, and, I’ve gotta say–and I’m not trying to be a dick here–while I can understand this main argument, and, for the most part, agree with it–that sometimes that ‘Individual Survival Instinct’ must take precedence over any Societal one–to argue about it so passionately, and without any adherence to the fact that no conversation or argument is ever truly over[6], and that there are always other people with different experiences which have the potential to put any argument to rest so long as said other people think within an honest balance between emotion and technicality /> Dick, I think you’re, essentially–right now, at least–just trying to find an excuse for why it’s okay for you to be a whiny, racist, hating, little Douchebag–”

“FUCK you, HONKY!–”

“I will say, though, that after working with a few certain lazy, dumbass pieces of shit at the pizza shop over the past couple of weeks, ironically all of one particular ethnic group[7], I will admit that I can see why some of those stereotypes may exist when certain, rather unfortunate, situations give rise to them[8]; however, to assume that this is not a one in a million circumstance is also naïve. To assume anything about anything is not only naïve, but also primordial and anti-intellectual[9]

“But what is a very interesting thing about racism, I think,” Chuck said, mostly talking to himself now #TheInternetAlsoProd-ucesShortAttentionSpans . “Ignoring the complicated questions it gives rise to regarding its specific fusion between emotion and technicality–which all entities have–is when you come to think of how it may progress in the future[10]. Racism, prejudice, or anything existing, or originating, or at least appearing to exist or originate, in the Individual mind in such a way, beyond an image or any possibility for an outward attempt at definition, isn’t something that will disappear in a day because of some law, or even thanks to any single super-duper in-depth conversation #TheMostSuper-Duper*TheMostSuper-Dup-erIn-DepthConversation . Racism (or: unwarranted, primal hate (with a type of overdeveloped ego attached to it)) has grown over the past two thousand years, likely longer, and it will take at least half as long as that to phase out, with or without human intellect[11], but it won’t do so without the Individual Mind subconsciously choosing to challenge it on a moment-to-moment basis for its own sake–for the sake of questioning both itself and its environment, just as much as for the sake of growing intellectual evolution[12]–though this doesn’t also mean simultaneously ignoring it on an emotional level, or trying to force its subsistence on that level either[13]–because that would be one-sided and ignorant of its natural role (its natural role: existing (the fact that it exists: the fact that it has a (any) role in existence)) in the universe–given that people are going to have emotions, be they justified or not[14]. Nor, however, does that mean getting aggressively angry when some other Individual says something that offends said Personal Individual Mind living in any Societal context[15] simply because of a difference in experiences or capacities for pride or empathy[16]. It means that the Individual Mind must keep learning from this distinction or contradiction–it must keep learning from anything, regardless of the overwhelming familiarity of personalized emotions brought up by any particular thing–and it means that it must remember–before the Societal Mind can, if it ever can[17]–that learning is something one does, before it[18] is something one remembers.

“This is inherent because, while racism may have come into being unnoticed, or at least currently observably unmanaged, by ‘The Universe’s’ or ‘God’s’ or ‘humanity’s’, or whatever you want to call ‘it’s’, Societal and Individual minds, it is consciously in there now; whether we realize its true impact on subconscious thought or not, its influence is there simply because of its own mere possibility of existing–this possibility conjuring Plato’s Absolute Reality[19] and so reduced by the Uncertainty Principle in Quantum Mechanics[20]–even more so after it’s been recognized as something that wasn’t there in the past, as it was coming up. Racism, and unwarranted, primal hatred, will not phase out unless Individuals recognize both ‘Individual’s’ (any ‘Individual’s’) faults and benefits regarding any Individual problem, and the applications they may then have in a wider sense–in the ‘Societal’ sense–and vice versa, though it, again, comes after the Individual realization[21]: the more-mortal Societal Mind[22] must recognize its relation to the Individual in much the same way, though conversely: by passing consciously through its opposite /> through the Circle it does not understand without further probing[23] (Hegel).

“Coupled with the thought that One does not exist without ‘The Other’ (Parmenides), the ‘opposing’ (Complex) Individual and Societal Minds (one versus the many (infinity) [24]) underbellies the existence of any Complex circle of Forms–more directly and originally Complex in the case of racism because it involves so many things (psychology, sociology, economics, history, culture etc.), amongst other, more inherently subjective reasons like the differences between emotions and experiences–and people regarding both those things–and ‘systemic’ racism’s (political) baseness in the ‘Individual versus Societal Mind’s’ mentality. It is how the ‘One-versus-the-Many’ (Plato) is the ‘one’ and the ‘many’, or at least it is when it comes to racism, as opposed to other, less complex, though more complex than those distinguished as ‘Simple’, Forms–”

“Yea, I’m not following at all.” –Scott.

“You don’t have to. Just read some Chuck Schuldiner lyrics sometime[25], and I think you’ll get it–”

“Well, I don’t like Death Metal, because it fucking sucks, and Kenny Chesney is, like, way better, so I’d rather you just tell me   now–”

“You don’t like Death Metal?” Helen asked with a chuckle. “What are you? A retard???”

“Fuck you, cunt, that word’s offensive,and he walked away. Chuck didn’t care. There was some commotion happening on the balcony upstairs they were all practically standing underneath, but Chuck wasn’t concerned with that either. No, Chuck was having a resurgence of his Madness, of that same crazy nature as that rant he’d had in his head the day before in front of his cousins #So-Embarrassing , or whenever that kind of #MadLoverShit [26] would happen.

“Chuck?” Helen asked, #StillSmiling .


“Yeah, I’m thinking. I dunno–”

“Thinking about what?–”

The commotion upstairs was getting louder–

“So you guys have heard of Plato’s Forms[27], right?”

Nobody had heard of Plato’s Forms.


“They’re also referred to as ideas. Basically, they’re the essence of what something is. So when we speak of glass for example, we can shape glass in every which way, use it for this and for that and for all this other shit, but, no matter what, glass is glass, that’s what it’s made of. The same thing goes for when something is round, or square, or what is ‘human’, or what is beautiful, however those are a bit more complicated. A liquid is a liquid and there’s nothing more, or less, to the idea of what a ‘liquid’ is. I’ve honestly never looked into it beyond that, because that concept is pretty obvious to me. Plato lived over two thousand years ago, it may have been a big deal then, now it’s pretty commonplace, paper is fucking paper, get over it[28]–it’s his theory of ‘Absolutes’ that are controversial, and I don’t want to get into that here[29]–my question is: is there a more defined-though-not-defined ‘Form’ of racism? Or any type of ‘basis’ for a more Complex Form, one even more complex than the subjective ‘what is beautiful’? Is racism itself so implicated in any potential ‘sub-ideal’, an essence, like the glass is glass, #Simple , or is it more complicated? Like a ‘Form’, or the entity, around which many simpler Forms, or entities, are based[30]?–”

“I-have-no-idea-what-you’re-talking-about,” one of the last people in the circle said /> then he walked away[31]. Several more followed, leaving only one person left listening to Chuck other than Helen #Again,WithTheADD,Man .


“Keeping the inevitability of the invariability of human emotion and experience in mind, what is a Complex Absolute if not the most complicated Quasi-Relative view of a Simple Form? So complicated that it is impossible for mortal man to ever fully understand?”



The dubstep song playing through the speakers ended, and Reggie the DJ was going on his last break of the night. It took Reggie a few minutes to get outside to smoke his cigarette, and a few more before his pre-made playlist was put on, the one meant to fill up the gaps in sound while he’d go out on his breaks like this /> ergo: a good minute before Chuck found himself permanently distracted, because, as Paul had told Chuck earlier (…Chuck forgot :( ), he and Shannon had convinced Reggie the DJ to put on Chuck’s pre-made #DeathMetalPlaylist during his breaks as they neared the end of the night, starting with this one.


But Chuck wasn’t thinking about that yet (because it still had yet to start)–


“What is a Form when thought of in terms of Absolute vs. Relative concepts[33]?” Chuck finally continued ‘:|. “Racism exists in all of us in some way; at the very least, it’s ridiculous to think that a person with white skin and a person with black skin have the same color skin. White is white and black is black–Plato’s Theory of Forms is over two-thousand years old–but, conversely, underneath the skin, we all have the same organs, something they didn’t know for sure back then /> and we all have the same opportunity at happiness now, or at least far more so than they did back then, that’s for sure[34]. Human is Human[35]. So, clearly, this way of thinking is redundant, a thinking that describes images and outward appearances as more important than the True essence of a thing, a thinking that ignores the mere possibility of Absolutism in Forms, in any shape[36], or as a focused-fact based pseudo-opinion of something finite that may exist in any reality. Anyone with a brain knows, most even subconsciously, I would say, that this is stupid (absolutes in perception, but not in relativity). ‘Ignorance is Bliss’, but it is also drunk, anti-human and, in many cases, Death /> fuckin’ retards–

“And yet this thinking saturates the entire conversation brought up by the consistent and unwavering evolution of racism and prejudice, and more #ComplexForms , throughout all of time, within the context of the much more excessive traits of technicality or emotion which we can observe all around us, and that ‘time’s relation to human history, as we currently know it, in our finite time, (which currently is time defined (#Time )), implying that humans could only exist as Individuals, as far as we can tell (now…), in Absolute Reality! I used to think racism and prejudice were the same thing: hate is hate, regardless of whether it were based on race, religion or nationality–they’re all dividing factors, that’s all!–

“But I am now coming to another conclusion (beyond the fact that racism and prejudice are indeed not the same thing (?[37] />)): why do we need these ‘dividing’ factors? What is it that makes their existences ‘non’ or ‘anti-evolutional’[38]? It’s because that is what they are! Regardless of where they came from, they’re currently, blatantly, holding us back! Racism is dumb, we’re all the same, and we all deserve the same opportunities[39]! Are we clinging to them? In a primal survival instinct based in a perspective of anti-thought (survival intellect[40])? Is it conspiracy? Is it all politics (hierarchies)? Total-itarianism is a Dead Form of governing /> just as Death is a Dead Form, in its Opposition, of living?–


“Does that make Death life’s only Absolute?”


[1] Any Form ‘in-evolution’ (becoming)

[2] Is this implying that evolution is a defined Form of ‘becoming’ without getting torn down, apart, or made more complicated by the fact that it is ‘defined’? Is it saying that evolution is the most complex Form, AND!–the Ultimate Overseeing Form of all Overseers because it is time both undefined and defined simultaneously? #ScienceIsSomeCrazyShit,Man…

[3] In time???...

[4] Is neglect, or any kind of ignorance, needed for the designation of a Complex Form? Or is it more so heeded in situations where such Complex Forms may become distorted or consciously mangled for tyrannical gain ($)?

[5] Keep in mind ‘Individual Mind’ and ‘Societal Mind’

- Complex Forms

[6] Plato, Critias, Protagoras, Gorgias (actually, fucking anything by Plato)

- Evolution

[7] Please continue reading, ‘Offended’

- ‘Irony’ is indeed the keyword there

- …#Pizzagate?

[8] This is not to condemn, or stand behind the condemnation of, any particular ethnic group or race for any reason (lazy asses); Chuck is just trying to say that if you work at a pizza shop and over the past three months they’ve hired and fired seventeen people, all white, you, as the bystander, are naturally going to have a similar reaction in regards to how you understand ‘white people’ (because seventeen people, all white, just got fired over the course of three months) no matter what the race may be, or at least so long as race is made out to be a thing (unless you decide not to have a reaction… seventeen people? What were you thinking about all day long? #LazyAss )

[9] #RacismDefinedAsDividedEvolution,Again

- ‘Anti-Intellectual’ in this case: specifically sub-primal, and ignorant of the possibly of the existence of ‘Intellect’ as a Form (I told you I’m not racist (because I’m saying that racism and the promulgation that people should be forcefully separated based on skin color is about as primitive (or: stupid (anti-intellectual)) as you can get #FuckTheHaters ))

[10] Racism as a Complex Form continued, Complex Forms continued, intro to Emotion Vs. Technicality

[11] Theoretically

[12] The ‘Individual Mind’ questioning itself and its environment is Growing Intellectual Evolution

[13] Emotion and Technicality as Complex Forms

[14] Do ‘Justified Emotions’ as a ‘Complex Form’ even exist? Aren’t emotions automatically justified in themselves, given that they are inherently 100% personalized, and based in Individualism, personalized experience and knowledge, and nothing else? This is ignoring the fact that emotions can be manipulated–that manipulation is still an outside force, outside of ‘Emotion’, or at least the Individualized Form of Emotion. If emotions can be ‘justified’ in any way similar to the way in which Technicality or Fact can (a Fact is a Fact (3x3=9), that’s pretty much the most ‘justified’ you can get about a thing), can they be considered to have the same impact in any specific argument (keeping Individuality as existent before Society) as fact? Or, because they’re so inherently different (technicality/fact, and emotion/feeling) (I’m thinking of them in terms of much more complex Complex Forms here), forgetting any biases, is it possible to become blind to one, because of such an indulgence into the other? Or?! through an indulgence into the fact that one is ‘justified’ because of it (either emotion or fact)? #Don’tEverForgetTheBalance,Bro #TheBalanceOfTheUniverse #TheCircleOfForms

[15] #PC #PCCulture #SnowflakeCulture ; this is wrong because it’s an indulgence into emotional excess and, regardless of the fact that it may indeed be a justified one (which, personally, I would agree it is in most cases), excesses never produce balanced realities, and the universe as a whole must be based on balance because if it weren’t, it wouldn’t be the universe (or: everything (or: nothing??? #WTF?? #GetIt? #EverythingAndNothing #TechnicalityOrEmotion #IndividualInSociety #Etc. #TheCircleOfForms ))

[16] A defect in one’s capacity for Empathy could result in a surplus in Motivation, perhaps as a result of upbringing; a defect in the capacity for Pride could wind up producing Resentment; there are all sorts of variations in this thought

[17] This could imply a backwards effect: the Societal Mind remembers what is learned, while the Individual is the one doing the learning

[18] Or: its subsequent product (whatever has been learned)

[19] Plato, Phaedo, 74e–77b

[20] So (to?): Absolute Relativity? #AbsoluteReality/Relativity??? #AbsoluteRelativity #QuantumRelativity?

[21] Individual soul’s transcendence into Absolute Reality through society/mind (Absolute Relativity)

[22] Because the Societal Mind is made up of a coalition of Individual Minds, the Individual being the closer of the two to ‘The Soul’, the Societal Mind tends to have a more mortal-ized outlook on life; it is through the ‘mortal’ that a Society becomes ‘immortal’; through the ‘immortal’ that an Individual becomes ‘mortal’

[23] Circle of Forms continued/ transition to Circles of Complex Forms

[24] Plato, Parminides (all of it)

[25] “So easy to blame the everlasting fear on a pathetic attempt to justify the ending of a life.” ‘Lack of Comprehension’. Human Death. Relativity Records. 1991.

- “An illusion of privacy. Together - they absorb each other’s lives. As one - they will live and they will die. A living hell has begun.” ‘Together as One.’ Human Death. Relativity Records. 1991.

[26] Plato, Phaedrus, 250d–252b, ‘Plight of the Mad Lover’ (title mine)

[27] Plato, Phaedo 73c-81a, 100c; Republic 472-483, 500-517; Timaus 37-38a; Phaedrus 247c-250a; Parmenides (again, all of it) (Plato’s Theory of Forms is pretty consistently brought up throughout all of Plato’s dialogues, these examples are just the ones I thought either most important, relevant, or impactful to me personally)

[28] This is not entirely accurate; Plato’s Theory of Forms says there is the paper and then there is the Form of the paper (what the paper really is/what the paper needs to partake of to be classified as ‘paper’), but Chuck is automatically conflating the two, and considers this conflation inherent and assumed

[29] Oh, really??? o.OOO ><

[30] (True) Intro to the ‘Overseeing’ aspect of the Circle of Forms

[31] Fuckin’ asshole

- Like, it’s so easy to understand :P

[32] https://www.quora.com/Why-do-people-like-death-metal-music-even-though-it-sounds-so-harsh

- ‘Listening to ‘extreme’ music makes you calmer, not angier, according to study.’ Guardian Music, the Guardian, Jun 22 2015. Web, Apr 1 2017. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/jun/22/listening-heavy-metal-punk-extreme-music-makes-you-calmer-not-angrier-study

- This is indeed the #DeathMetalPlaylist mentioned on the acknowledgments/copyright page

[33] absolute Absolutes/Absolute absolutes (?)

[34] Absolute Absolutes=Facts/proven paths to ultimate truth/ultimate truth itself

[35](Human. Death. Relapse Records. 1991)

- ‘Human’ as an ‘overseeing’ Form when it specifically comes to race, gender, ‘religion’, political affiliation, economic opinion (knowledge), and most other ‘Individually Human’ attributes

- All Too Human… (Nietzsche)

[36] Forms, and especially the realities or dimensions employed by them, are inherently not in our dimension/reality. We are not dead; how can we know for sure what happens after death?

- ‘Possibility’ as an Absolute

[37] As Forms? Overseeing Forms? Relative Absolutes? Relative Opposites? Simple Opposites? #TheCircleOfForms #Circles… #Circles,Circles,Circles…

[38] Existence in Anti-Intellect (#Circles… )

[39] Different from ‘outcomes’ ;D x˚˚ #Liberty! #Libertarianism! #Liberty! *Liberty! *Liberty! *Liberty!

- #Circles…

[40] Evolutionarily speaking: survival is intellect (?)

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Three, Part Three (of Three Parts))

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Three, Part Three (of Three Parts))

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Three, Part One (of Three Parts))

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Three, Part One (of Three Parts))