Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Three, Part Three (of Three Parts))

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Three, Part Three (of Three Parts))

This is the Third part (of three) of Chapter Three to a novella called The Zombie Ritual_A Second Coming by r(E)volutionized founder/contributor John Corry. Book is available in the r(E)volutionized store.



Chuck stroked his chin…


“Can Death even be considered an Absolute at all[2]–or even just as a Simple Form–considering that we can’t know what happens after it, by definition? And can life? Considering our inability to see life as a whole, in the same way that a cat can never objectively see its own tail? Is Death Metal an Absolute?”

He started talking faster–

“I mean I love Death Metal, yet other people hate it for some fucked up reason[3]. I can understand why other people may not like it, but, apparently, they refuse to understand why I love it, and, because of that chosen ignorance, they sell mindless desensitizing, ‘money-moral’ crap ($) to our kids because, you know, ‘the economy, dude’, making those kids completely idiotic and self-centered, before they get blamed for being raised by it, all so that their looting parents at the labels and the radios can pretend like they have personal talent[4] /> which, in reality, they used to but gave up a million years ago for responsibility ($) (#You’reReadingAynRandWrong [5]). Death Metal is actual, technically challenging, and emotionally interesting music, and! /> almost patently satirical, so that one may actually learn something from it on an ‘experiencing’ (by example) philosophical level[6], philosophy being the natural bridge between science and religion (or perhaps: spirituality).

“In addition then, in some cases, Death Metal may provide a path to the possibility of opening one’s mind–at any age–to understanding Death as just another part of the life process–while not a completely unserious one (have you seen Pat O’Brian play the main riff in ‘Frantic Disembowelment’????[7] I’d say that’s pretty fuckin’ serious)–rather than the ‘be-all, end-all’ everything or everyone else has always tried to convince us Death (Metal (Music (Subjectivity))?) is, for whatever reasons ($). I mean if Dying-and-Death[8] isn’t the Absolute Absolute[9], then what is???”

Trying to get his attention to signify that the route to a private room was finally open, Helen, #StillSmiling (:), but with her eyes once again closed (x)))), tapped Chuck lightly on the shoulder #OMG #They’reGonnaDOIt!!! #OMGOMGOMG #They’reGonnaFUCKIN-GDOIT!!!!!, but Chuck ignored her, instead went on staring into space–

“Well, it certainly can’t be living-and-life,” he continued IGNORING (x!). “Because we’re in that, and we can’t know that ‘something else’ out there, that ‘something else’ in this case being ‘Death’ /> we’re not in Death, are we?? (?) Does that then bring up a need for a God? Or a type of ‘Overseeing’ Form? Or: a defined infinity #InfinityDefined∞ ? Because there are some things which we simply cannot know, but which are known to be ‘existent’, we need some type of factor which understands everything, a type of super complex Form of ‘Understanding’[10], though an understanding which understands everything, even that which cannot be understood by anything *Anything *Anything *Anything –

“If the difference between Absolute absolutes and simpler absolutes lies within the process through which any entity applies the balances between emotion and technicality to the differences it then examples between Individual and Society, what can Dying-and-Death vs. living-and-life imply about #Love , for example, as like that aforementioned ‘Super Complex Form’, or: is love (not conscious or defined) then the ultimate Overseeing Overseer of all Overseeing Forms (like ‘God’) because of it’s inherent assumption of Ultimate Understanding? But then: is it God[11]?!?!?! God as apparently Overseeing even of Love!!! />

My love for Helen??–


“But what do either of those things­–or any of these things–do for us, the True Individuals who live in evolution (evolving Society), beside ourselves when we’re involved directly in our processes of doing the same thing (turning #Thinking into willing, and vice-versa)? If it implies anything, what could be the entity that turns that entity from entity into action, from Thought into Will[12]? Is it #Fear ? Is it #Judgment ? Is it love itself? Or some other form of love I can’t see or focus on right now???–”

Chuck turned to face Helen–his eyes very wide OOO.OOO– grabbed her hard by the shoulders. Helen swished her nose against his nose, emitted a light chuckle–

“Either that or #TrueLove is the Ultimate proof of Relativism over Absolutism in any #ComplexForm or IVS debate (IVS: Individual vs. Societal (Minds))[13],” said Chuck. “Because it implies undefined understanding /> which is impossible in this reality!!! But the fact that #TrueLove can exist–#TrueLove as the indefinable connection between the good, the true, and the beautiful–does that then make that Proof the only Absolute Absolute? The only Relative or Absolute Overseer? That proof of that #Love ? The proof of the Overseer? The Absolute Absolute? Is #Proof the only Absolute in a universe with an infinite amount of #ComplexForms coexisting in a #Time by definition impossible to define or pin down???”

He turned back his head, away from Helen–

“But how could there be any Absolute Absolute in anything if proof were all that were needed for its label?!?!?!?!?!?!?!–[14]

Chuck let go of Helen. He was practically screaming now–

Screaming to the sky!!!


“Would that then make Proof the FINAL confirmation for the existence of God?!?!?!?![15] For the victory of technicality /> that Individual emotions do not matter, only whatever is proven /> whatever God has deemed infallible???”

He went back to mumbling almost incoherently, as he faced once again toward the ground–

“As God is supposed to be beyond all Proof in itself as a Form, she is the only thing worth considering ‘too much’, in that line of thinking, forgetting unconscious love, of course, although I guess one could consider that God /> but I definitely don’t want to go into that now[16]. ‘God’ (overseeing Overseer/#InfinityDefined ) would be needed regardless, at the very least as the only potential point of reference[17]. But God is supposed to be inexplicable! Indeed too BIG to understand or pin down in any way! So ‘God the Form’ can’t be an absolute if not in the Absolute Absolute Absolute, in the #ULTIMATELYCOMPLEX , sense! And any #Ultimate sense of cate-gorization of any Form, Simple or Complex, implies totalitarian/ primal-grouping-for-tyrannical-gain/financially-manipulative ($) tend-encies[18], and a view of the universe which we do not observe[19]!!! It’s called the scientific method, you can’t claim something if it doesn’t make itself visible in our observable universe /> it’s a fact, dumbass; for its most basic understanding, ‘facts’ are unchanging–

“Again, with these Ultimates, Absolutes, and Overseers!! What is with this #Circle ?! And why is it that THE ONLY TIME I DON’T GIVEFUCK ABOUT ANY OF IT IS WHEN I’M THINKING OF YOU?!?!?!–”

Chuck gasped, looked at Helen–


He grabbed her by her shoulders, more gently this time–

“Helen, does that make Indefinable, Relative #TrueLove the only #AbsoluteAbsolute ?! The sole #Overseer, even #Overseeing of #God?!?! The #Ultimate #OverseeingOverseer of all #Overseeing-OverseersOverseers ?...”

Helen’s smile widened (x))). The opening chord of Slayer’s “Raining Blood” finally put the speakers back to use, along with its thirty seconds of recorded rain which came immediately following–

Chuck held Helen with one arm, had the other raised with a fist to the stars (!)–


=)))))DDDDDdpP :! :! :! ;\ ;\


“Does it make God as #ASingularDivinity the source of the DIVIDE?!” he screamed, he PREACHED!!! “A mask for the DEMONIC outbreak of human suffering as potentially derived from this ‘professionalism (image?) over human thought and interaction’ type of ‘intellect’–Absolute Life over life itself[20]–the reality of any such ideology presenting itself as an Absolute the precise Relative Opposite and therefore withholding entity: the potential for the existential deletion of what it claims to be as–”

He cut off–

“Oh em fucking gee, is this FUCKING SLAYER?!?!?!?!?!–”





[1] Hmmmmm…

[2] Life and Death as Complex Forms, ‘Circle of Life’ as an absolute Absolute/potential Overseer

- Circle of Forms continued

[3] Because they’re FUCKING STUPID ,|,

- Death Metal as a Complex Form, Forms/ misappropriations of Simple and Complex Forms as Dividing Factors Within the Individual Mind, and, conversely, the Societal

[4] Rand, Ayn. The Fountainhead. Plume, and imprint of Penguin Books, 1943

[5] I find Ayn Rand much more complicated than people make her out to be. Commenting more on her metaphysics (yes, I know, in the case of Ayn Rand, it’s probably more like the ‘spiritual’ side of her economics, but eh :p), though not completely specifically for any one thing, she found a way of countering Nietzsche’s nihilism by way of masking it with appropriated ego and spiritual individualism (albeit a variation of Nietzsche’s). If anyone has any thoughts on Ayn Rand, Nietzsche or any other philosopher or philosophic topic (or: anything, really :/), feel free to hit me up on my blog/podcast website http://revolutionizedworld.org, or: through that institution’s Facebook (/revolutionzedW), Instragram (/revolutionizedw) or Twitter (@RevolutionizedW) pages

[6] Could this be what satire is? Hmmm, I wonder if I’m being an snowflake here XXDDD

- How do most people learn directly from other people more easily: through lecture or down talking, or by demonstration/example/metaphor/doing it themselves? #Satire #GetTheFuckOverIt

[7]Frantic Disembowelment’, Cannibal Corpse, The Wretched Spawn, Metal Blade Records, 2004

[8] This is an example of a circle of a Complex Form, a circle that is implied by its being a Complex Form (for example: Death) in contention with another Complex Form (in this example: Dying)

[9] The Absolute Absolute: Ultimate Overseeing Over of all Overseers

[10] ‘Understanding’ as an Absolute

[11] Like those are switched? Or one is actually an overseeing Overseer of all overseeing Overseers? Or they continue to go up a ladder to an everlasting infinity where it doesn’t matter what ‘love’ or ‘God’ or ‘God is love’ or ‘love is Death’ is? #TheCircleOfForms

[12] The relation between Forms, thought, emotion, practicality and Will

[13] Example of the potential madness begot from the Circle of Forms (this is not to condemn any sense in an IVS debate, only the excess of going insanely into it #Circles… ) #Circles,Circles,Circles…

[14] Proof/Evidence/Fact as a Simple Form (this is not to say that Proof/Fact is irrelevant, to the contrary that there isn’t any argument against it if the fact is truly a fact #Simple*TheMostSimple , but that there are still other things that make up life and human existence (see: the Individual))

- ‘Proof’ and ‘Evidence’ are both probably a bit more complex than ‘Fact’

[15] God as The Overseer/the most complex Complex Form or the only Infinitely complex Form

- Intro to the Theory of #ASingularDivinity

- Proof/Evidence/Fact (or: emotion/ personalized experience/passion) as an Absolute

[16] Oh reeeeeeally?????????? o.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

[17] As one of many potential balances between emotion and technicality (see (possibly): love)

[18] Plato, Republic, 571a-576b

[19] One fully dictated by man (or analysis), and man (or analysis) alone (what about ‘Nature’ (relation to ‘Emotion’? or ‘Perception’? #Love??? #WhatAPussy,IKnow,Ugh )

[20] This could also be phrased ‘Relative Life over life itself’, and still retain its overall meaning

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