Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Three, Part One (of Three Parts))

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Three, Part One (of Three Parts))


This is the first part (of three) of Chapter Three to a novella called The Zombie Ritual_A Second Coming by r(E)volutionized founder/contributor John Corry. Book is available in the r(E)volutionized store.



‘Immature’ Teenage Dance Parties, Hormones, Racism in Evolution, Racism as a Complex Form, Emotion and Technicality as Complex Forms, Vague Interpretations of the Individual in Society (Jung’s Collective Unconscious) and Their Relations to Simple and Complex Opposites, Plato’s Theory of Forms (Republic, Phaedo, Parmenides, Timaeus), Complex Absolutes, #AbsoluteRelativity, More Complex Forms and Absolutes, Intro to ‘Overseeing’ Forms, Intro to #ASingularDivinity




It was well after dark /> and the party was well underway =D[1]. Everything had gone according to plan. Reggie the DJ (with help :/) had everything already set up before any of Chuck’s sixty-out-of-twenty-five invited friends showed up. The food was great; Rufus cooked the immediate family’s steaks personally, and nobody of any responsibility in the entire *TheMostLuxuriousOfTheLuxurious lux-urious Bed and Breakfast was at all knowledgeable that there were a bunch of underage kids in the ballroom getting shitty off cheap beer and random Midwestern liquor brands nobody’d ever heard of /> and when I say shitty, I mean shitty–

“I can’t be-blieve you cooked my steak, Rupert! Fuck!!”

“It’s Rufus, John, I’ve known you your entire life,” Rufus reminded John. “And, by the way, you’re doing a fantastic job of setting your younger cousins a good example–”


“You wanna see my papers?!–


“I’ll show you my papers bitch, I can take this one all the way to the president /> though I’m sure he’ll still find a way to dick me over anyhow

“DO it!!!–”

With the music loud, Helen slithered through the crowd sipping on her sixth vodka and cranberry since she switched from shots and long islands a little under two hours before. BIG smile never leaving her face (X))))), she danced in between John and Rufus in a natural attempt to shorten the distance between her and her lover, aka: Chuck, helping John to get himself out of a situation that could have very easily turned Deadly #AllMexicansAreALLKillersAsWeALL-Know(<#JokexP) [2].

Chuck was in the middle of watching Paul fail miserably at hitting on his tenth victim of the night–

“I’ll snap a picture of my waxed asshole right now–as proof–if it were that important to you–”

She rolled her eyes :!, he pulled out his phone–

“Here, look–”

She walked away–

“No, no, don’t go! This is just how politically astute people talk!–”

Helen arrived, went falling into the arms of Paul’s drunken relative (aka: Chuck).


“Oh my God, not this shit again,” said Paul. Then he walked off to find more alcohol.


Helen: “Hey, Baby…”

The seduction between the two was all-encompassing…

“Hey, Boo…”

– Oh!! The tension!!!

They did a little dance together, ‘made out’ for much longer than any mature or not-drunk couple would be okay with doing in such a #PublicCircumstance #Priorities #ComeOn,GrowUp,DudeLike,Co-meOn #TheMoreTongue,TheLessRomantic,EveryoneKnowsThat #Li-ke,ComeOn #SuchChildren,Ugh #SoImmature #GrowUp#GrowUp#-GrowUp .

“So you’re definitely still trying to go to a room later tonight, right?” Chuck asked her. She nodded ‘yes’ with her eyes closed, smile wide.


“Hahahaa,” Chuck laughed. “You’re so cute.”

She pulled him in by his lapel, gave him another BIG kiss, this one lasting even longer than that other one did, until it was finally over and Helen said blissfully: “We can go now if you want?–”

“Wait, like, OMFG! Are you, like, effing serious?! Holy lolling crap!–”

“Yo! Chuck! This is a good one for you, man, come over here!”

Chuck ignored his dumbass friend, Dick–didn’t even hear him (because he was being a fucking dick (idiot) :/)–as he stared at Helen’s breasts–


“You’d better answer me before I decide I need another drink,” and she twirled his hair, squeezed his ass–


“Oh, I’m ready, gurl–”

“Come on, you dick–”

Dick pulled him away–


Dick was a big dude and, being as drunk as he was (almost a full fifth of scotch to his face), a little more obstreperous in his strength than would have been appropriate for Chuck to have had much of a chance at getting away #KnowYourStrength,SUPER-Saiyans [4].

Dick dragged him to a circle of about six people a few feet away, most of whom Chuck already knew. Helen went to grab a drink (:( ), but would be back by Chuck’s side momentarily (=D)[5].

“So here’s the question for you,” said Dick. Then he got out of the center of the circle and let his new friend, one of the people whom Chuck had never met, take the stage.

“So we’ve been talking about racism,” the kid said.

Chuck sighed, looked across the room at Helen at the bar. ‘Goddamn, look at those legs,’ he thought to himself. ‘Thank the fucking lord for the guy who invented yoga pants–[6]

“I believe it to be a natural progression of human intellect,” the kid continued. “What I mean by that is this: back in pre-intellectual times, seeing something one had never seen before implied a higher possibility of danger. Once Individual man’s intellect reached a point where she could comment on, and therefore make progress in, and to, Society in a mindful manner, that ‘natural survival instinct’ had turned, by simple evolution, and a small, accidental sense of neglect, as well as, in many, though unrelated for my argument, cases, purposeful bigotry, into what we now call racism[7].

“As time went on, and this neglect continued unheeded and allowed to evolve exponentially and without intellectual restraint, racism as a more advanced ‘ideology’, or, perhaps more so, as an anti-mind/growth-inhibition or whatever you want to call it[8], eventually overtook the evolutionary survival trait which served as the original (tribal/primitively moral) basis for its existence, which then turned the whole thing into an ugly form of clinging-to-tradition mixed with an ignorance of what ultimately turned (wo)man (xp) from beast to thinker (science?[9]). Obviously, those purposeful bigoted assholes had their impact as well, but they represent just another form of this clinging I’m talking about (a clinging to ‘tradition’ or a passionate sense of discourse with no regard to how other people can go about thinking and living).

“This ‘clinging’ then became even more pronounced when imperialism inevitably overtook colonialism in the decades preceding World War II, hit a certain peak with the totalitarianism exploited, and put to fucking use, by such dictators as Hitler, Stalin, the Kim family and others; and then even more so with the advent of the Internet, and the connections–and therefore: potential for confusions, misunderstandings and frustrations–between peoples, societies, and ideologies, said Internet would imply, or: perhaps, in another sense, accidentally exploit, or allow people to exploit.

“This huge new advent of potential learning and under-standing[10] is something unprecedented in human history, and will bring about certain truths which many people may be unprepared to face–as it will likely continue to do for a very long time moving forward–but, speaking for the people who exist Individually before being convicted by the existence of Society, which is all of us, as is implied by ‘the Soul’[11]: every human has her or his own experiences, and we each have a right to our own opinions and sympathies and, therefore, primal tendencies and experiential prejudices[12], assuming that Individual Existence is indeed something presumed as existing before the existence of society[13] (Hegel). When this Individual process is twisted, yet may continue to directly affect other human beings as so concentrated within the Societal Mind–by accident or otherwise, as there really is no difference–is where we find both physical and Societal problems within any civilized coalition of Individuals (Society)–like those problems that give heed to fascism and totalitarianism–along with: that equally inherent ignorance to challenge it within ourselves, before we tell, or, perhaps in more cases, expect, others to.

“Your friend here–”

Dick, #SmuglySmiling , nodded and pointed both of his thumbs up at his face.


“Disagrees with me, arguing that there is an actual distinction between races[14], and that this distinction should be carried out in both Societal policy, and in Individual thinking and action, which I wholeheartedly disagree with–”

No, I said we all have a right to be racist sometimes. Because sometimes, Individual Thought Patterns are more important than Societal woes. In fact, you literally just said that Individuals come before Society!–”

“I also said we were all entitled to our own opinions and prejudices, which you’re /> now agreeing with?–”


The other kid nodded, and accepted temporary defeat.


“I mean,” Dick continued. “Maybe if we each actually gave a fuck about actually being comfortable with ourselves as Individuals, and with the fact that we’re all going to Die someday–we are!!!–Society wouldn’t be so torn in two[16]. But how the hell am I supposed to tell these idiots terrified of Death that they’re somehow wrong in the way they view it (Death), when I can’t know what happens after it? How can anyone ever justifiably tell anyone else how to perceive death, let alone how to Live–”


[1] Oh boy!!! :D

[2] Again, quite ‘seriously’, this is a joke (,!,). Please recognize that the ability of one to be justifiably offended because a comment is individually disagreeable to the progress of humans on a grand (Societal) scale is only as pertinent as the ability of one who is offended by said comment simply because others could be is ignorant of the Individual’s inherent right to be an Individual before being ‘a part’ (a ‘worker’/without a name/just another number) of Society. Which is the more ‘offensive’? (I’m ignoring the individual’s right to be offended, as I find this right to be inherent and assumed simply by the mere existence of the concepts of ‘life’, ‘the Individual’ and even ‘Society’; I do not find that individual emotions have enough of a part to play in society as a whole as to warrant primal grouping (nothing does (and, again, which is the more ‘offensive’: saying a word or questioning an idea that may be easily taken out of context, or relegating human beings to nothing more than racial groups, economic classes for ‘Intellectual Tribes’ for reasons having more to do with a type of anti-thesis to the thought of ‘questioning’ itself than the idea that all Individual people are different, and that we all have different personality traits which cannot be held down or explained by a simple word or phrase?)). (More detailed: because individual emotions, while not unimportant, and perhaps even more important than societal progress in certain cases or when thought about in certain ways ((Individually? (actually /> definitely more important (in most cases (it would seem to me)))), cannot be analyzed in any Societal/statistical type of way (everyone is different)(Jung), making their assumed application in societal progress primal in itself, or, for a more ‘attuned’ audience #PretentiousFucks : ‘offensive’ (because that application is based in ‘Assumption’, which, when it comes to emotions and Individual living situations, is inherently inappropriate and therefore ‘offensive’) (this comes up again, in a more focused fashion, later on (see: ’Chariot of Death’ on pp. 58-63))

[3] Omg! Alcohol!!!

[4] Another reference to the popular Japanese manga/anime series Dragon Ball Z (a SUPER saiyan is a saiyan who has surpassed the need to turn into an ape, because she/he is now stronger than she/he would be if she/he were to make the transformation (it’s more complicated than that :/). You may say that they have ‘broken the nuclear code’ /> or have transcended into ‘Absolute Reality/Relativity’ ooo.OOOOO)

[5] So momentarily…

[6] The Lord, not the actual guy, just *ForTheRecord #ForTheRecord

[7] Racism defined as a divided evolution (Evolutionaries are divided by clung-to definitions?)

[8] Racism as a Complex Form/a Complex Form masked as a Simple Form

[9] Evolution

[10] The Internet

[11] *Pretentious backstory: in much ancient ‘philosophy’ (Plato, Aristotle, Aurelius, Confucius, among many others), the ‘soul’ is something that exists, while still existent in all of these, more so before and after ‘mortal’ life than during it. While opinions on what that soul is may be varied (of course), my point here is: if society is a ‘man-made’ venture the same way that ‘mortal life’ has to do more with ‘mortal man’ than it does ‘the soul’, ‘God’, or the infinite–within the context of overall conscious ‘dominance’, for lack of a better term–the soul’s existence still cannot be completely forgone (the mind can’t ‘know’ what it can’t even understand as possibly existing or not existing). Within the context of what is presented here (having to do with racism, the soul, and how individuals coincide with Society), Individual people make up Society (or: S-Mind for short: similar to Jung’s Collective Unconscious, but not as influenced by archetypes), just as individual souls make up any potential ‘societal’ ‘soul’ (or: potentially immortal universe (infinite (‘the many’ (Plato, Parmenides)))), and just as atoms make up matter, musicians make up musical groups, songs make up albums, citizens make up governments (=P), etc.

[12] This is not to say that racism in people should be considered okay or generally accepted as psychologically normal or morally acceptable, merely that racism in people does indeed exist (meaning: differences in cultures and physical appearances exist (and have had historical implications throughout history /> historically speaking ;), and will not be eradicated or improved upon (which they should be) simply by getting mad and upset (in fact, that will just make it worse (see: America, 2017))

[13] Could this ever be changed (the fact that Existence in ‘the universe’ precedes Existence in ‘Society’ (Society being the inevitable connection between intellectual Individual minds (Jung)) (inevitable because there are many Individual minds which we can observe to exist (are you reading this? That makes two (me and you #Rhymes <3))), and, moreover, could the potential right of any intellectual Individual to be an intellectual Individual before a metaphysically Societal cog (be changed)? Certainly not in any immediate moment, but over time? The exile of the concept of Individual Existence and Experience to irrelevance-in-time is one of the main psychological, metaphysical and indeed overall philosophical and physical goals of any fascist or totalitarian regime, or potential dictatorship. Is this analysis/subconscious Willing of ‘checks and balances’ and ‘relations’, rather than/analytically over ‘facts’ and ‘feelings’ (which are both inherent in those ‘checks and balances’ and ‘relations’, making them more #Complex )), be a way of understanding #WhatMakesEvil ? What goes into a potentially fascist mind, or how they’re formed? #PhilosophyIsImportant #GetOverYourself #GettingPassionatelyJustifiablyOffendedIsTheNew‘Follow-ingOrders’

- ‘Before’ is not exactly the word I’m looking for here; I’m not trying to imply a time factor, but to reiterate that Individuals are what make society. If the Individuals in a group are nothing more than mindless braindead cogs, Society is downgraded in political differentiation to that of a tribe, or a type of system where only those in power are capable of having, or more importantly understanding, power, or: what power even is. Society inherently implies an understanding of equality (because it must take a statistical approach to humanity in order to relegate ‘The Individual’ and ‘All Individuals’), and that time is always moving, things are always changing in this reality, as far as we can tell, etc.; ‘Individual people’ (life itself) is all that is consistent (tribes must ignore ‘life itself’, as that takes precedence away from the ‘fear factor’ #ShoutOutToJoeRogan so needed to appreciate danger in a situation where danger can only be fought physically rather than intellectually), and it is this balance of consistency and inconsistency (time) which creates the existence of Society, and perhaps life itself (and certainly the idea of being ‘justifiably offended’, or of holding one’s Individualized past experiences to any kind of weight in Society (Individuals exist in Society))

[14] Racism Defined as Divided Evolution

[15] What a dumbass, right? (Like, how unforgivable x!...)

[16] Or: billion (∞)… :(

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Three, Part Two (or Three Parts))

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Three, Part Two (or Three Parts))

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Two, Part Two (of Two Parts))

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Two, Part Two (of Two Parts))