Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Seven (END))

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Seven (END))

This is the seventh (and last) chapter (SPOILER ALERT!!!) to a novella called The Zombie Ritual_A Second Coming by r(E)volutionized founder/contributor John Corry. Book is available in the r(E)volutionized store.




Descent Into Mind, Conflictions as Confessions, Death as Evolution, Emotion Vs. Technicality and its Relation to Individual Vs. Society, Implications of Contradictions Within Balances, Love’s Apparent Inevitable Death, Definition Defined as Division, Plato’s ‘Philosopher King’ (Republic, Phaedo), Life


[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

The stairs were a long way down /> a very long way down (:o)…

The rails were old, rusty, and covered in dust and spider webs. The farther Chuck got, the bigger the staircase became, and the larger the cobwebs in all the corners. Some of them spread wide over the stairs, or through them, forcing Chuck to travel through them /> but Chuck neither minded, nor noticed. In fact, as he continued down, he forgot the entire idea of ever minding or noticing anything–

Eventually, the walls, ceiling and corners from the previously tiny hall became entirely nonexistent. The staircase grew into one resembling those huge ones you see climbing up mountains in Japan or in China, except there was nothing else in sight but the stairs, that huge slab of cement behind them, and the highly drawn lanterns placed one after the other every #SixtyNine inches. The stairs seemed to go on forever, getting ‘bigger’ as ‘time’ went by, the ceiling gradually forming a black, starless sky, but, once again, Chuck didn’t notice /> no (=D), not in the slightest bit–

Finally, a light appeared at a possible bottom. It began as nothing more than a blink, but evolved into something real, or at least as real as one could consider it, given the circumstances ;\. Walking slowly, like there was nothing strange going on, Chuck persisted. Eventually, with the start of the stairs or any confines of a ‘room’ both now so ‘long-gone’ that one wouldn’t have had any idea whatever that it started as just a tiny hole in the floor no bigger than a PC liberals’ ability to get past words to understand How People Become Evil, he came upon the end of the stairs, and continued through, and into, the ceiling-less bright cave under the just-recently-unveiled stars…


The cave was filled with the dead–

They were in two crowds, both off to the sides, forming a walkway forty-feet-wide in the middle, starting at the mouth of the stairs through which Chuck could continue walking. Behind them were fires–big fires–with flames rising high into the sky, so high that one could not make out an ending point to them. There were some Chariots so big that they couldn’t move without bursting–at least quadruple in size the ones from the BNB–sitting in place, fueling on fires, and on surrounding flesh, guts and pieces (feces?)–

None looked as Chuck walked on; they were too busy. Some were feeding flame to fire, others were viciously feasting on conscious epidermis, but many were doing something far more sinister /> they were fucking! =OOO!!![1] It was loud, graphic and disgusting (xop)[2]. They rubbed up against each other like slime on blood, and if one were to start eating the other, or if a random limb were to fall off to then make the position they were just in subsequently impossible, they would simply move onto another, even if said ‘other’ was previously involved in some ‘other’ activity (like fucking, dismembering, or eating, another zombie).

“Chuck… Chuck…”

Chuck continued to follow the voice, and, for a long time, nothing in the scenery changed. The dead stayed off to the sides, the fires loomed overhead, and the ground stayed hot…

Eventually, he could spot a shadow in the distance…


o.O :O :o :o <3 <3 =D :DDD


It stood in the center of the walkway. As Chuck approached, he recognized its right eye as dangling about two inches down from its socket, its hair a chunky, goopy slime material, similar to Shannon’s just after she’d turned, but, with this one, it was either balled up in knots, or missing entirely in random bald spatches[3]. Its skin was completely green, thicker or darker in some places than in others–as it was for all of the dead down there–and there were numerous rotting parts scattered throughout its body, most obviously in the gut just above its pelvic region on its left side /> which was torn wide open, revealing all of the organs on that side of the body, including the pancreas, part of the stomach, the left kidney, and much of the large intestines–

It was a ‘woman’–er /> formally a woman[4]–and it was naked, with long wet streaks rolling down both of its inner thighs, resulting in a puddle of considerable quantity on the ground beneath its feet–

“I knew you would come for me, Chuck,” the rotting zombie said–

Another: “We’ve been waiting for you, Master.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re our leader. The Philosopher[5] [6]. The Living who does not Fear death; who can Be without the complete sacrifice of what makes her human; who can think without forgetting to feel, and vice-versa.”

There was a pause before the dead changed its voice to match one familiar, and said, through Chuck’s voice: “It just keeps moving with the moment, infinitely through time, with my #Perspective constantly #Locked into #Place , thinking that it’s not that bad, that it’s all just normal and natural and ordinary, and that it really doesn’t matter anyhow, with every care in the world…”

“We are the evolution of the species, Chuck–”

And none of us listen to country–”

A ‘dead’ person stepped out from the crowd–

“Human beings were divided,” Rufus of the dead Form went on. “Obsessed with death, ‘God’, division and ‘Definition’. Casually pouring over what means what and how the past irredeemably alters the future, so that the present has nothing to do with either! We don’t do that. We are the present. We know not of the past, nor of the future, as anything more or less than simple points in a diagram, that diagram itself being us. No dead would destroy a fellow dead simply because of the way it looks or thinks, it would destroy it simply because it can! Easy! Or because it was threatening the future of the species…”

“We’ve infiltrated the computer-mind–”

Chuck looked farther down the line–

It was the time-traveling cop, Ash Williams!–

“We can infiltrate their thinking,” he continued, almost like he was on a shit-ton of meth or something. “And implant ourselves into their Life-Form–”

“Not only do we control them, but we can Live through them, through the computers; Chuck, we can live forever…”

“But you’re not Living now,” responded Chuck. “You’re not Alive. You’re dead–”

“A necessary evil.” –#TheNameless .

“But what if Living inside a computer program alleviates all Forms of biogenetic life altogether?” –Chuck for a moment letting his brain take a path he knew no longer practical[7]. “To the point where life and death are two concepts not even comprehensible anymore? If we rid ourselves of our ability to feel emotion, or to think intellectually–or empathetically, for ourselves or for whomever–or Individually–do we rid ourselves of the possibility to move forward toward Absolute Reality/ Relativity[8], or toward anything beyond these sub-evo-organic[9] lines of existence; lines of existence which we do not observe as stagnant in any way in the universe around us[10], in this reality[11]? Because we know these things to possibly exist, that conscious mis-decision would be ill-founded, perplexed, and misdirected...”

The dead looked confused to each other. The ‘woman’ in the middle of the walkway started touching herself, and moaning.

“As a species no longer restrained by emotion or intellect, what would that make life? What would that make love? #Life ? ##Love ?–”


Chuck’s cousin, Paul, now also of the dead Form as well, emerged from the crowd to Chuck’s right as he spoke. He stopped just about where Rufus of the dead Form was: a few feet out, and closer to Chuck, from the rest of the crowd of the dead–

“And irrelevant. It is the ‘Becoming’ necessary to move Life-in-Time forward, because that ‘overthought’ and/or ‘over-feeling’ is ignorant of the entire point of ‘Becoming’ or even ‘Being’ in the first place –”

“Replaced by #God’sAbsolute , #AbsoluteRelativity# and the Chariot of Death.”

Chuck turned again, back to his left this time, to see his former cousin, Shannon, now of the dead Form as well, emerge as she spoke. She put her arm around Ash Williams–which finally put a stop to his incessant mechanical rambling to himself–who then returned the favor to her, and to Chuck–

“We’ve taken over ninety-nine percent of the human population! Crazy!” Ash said as he excitedly licked Shannon’s ear /> for which Shannon expressed great appreciation for when she moaned , threw her head back and–

Holding back an orgasm, ‘Shannon’ added: “And the computers are taking over the rest as we speak–”

“As they have been for centuries,” said ‘Rufus’. “They understand the contradiction, Chuck, the contradiction of life versus Death, of the dying-Life versus the living-Dead under this singular cloud of divisiveness which that contradiction[12] must imply is the One conscious never-ending Infinity under which all other Infinites must exist, that confliction needed for Life or Time or even love to exist at all (!)–of that #SingularGod necessarily over Possibility or Perspective[13]–and they’ve accepted it, Chuck…

“They’ve accepted it.”

Chuck looked around again. ‘Ash’, with his eyes fixated on Chuck for what Chuck could only assume was a primal territorial reason, had picked ‘Shannon’ up by her legs, and started fucking the shit out of ‘her’, and biting off her tongue (xop). She didn’t seem to mind. In fact, as Chuck looked around, he saw that all of the dead were now fucking–and biting off each other’s tongues–‘Rufus’ and ‘Paul’ of the dead Forms having just left in a frenzy to go find a mate, which they did /> together =).

<3 <3 <3[14]

The dead woman in front of Chuck was twiddling her toes and her fingers together, looking all cute-like (or: I guess as much as she could have, her being a zombie and all :/), and biting her lip. Chuck knew he’d seen the look before…

“Make love to me, Chuck…”

Chuck, with no hesitation, approached his #Lover –

“Only we can progress the species,” Helen of the Living dead Form said. Fluid was rolling down her legs like waterfalls–

 “Only this act can prove our love, and only #Love can prove our existence, a proof necessary to know anything[15]–in fact to exist at all!–in the first place. The proof necessary–”

Chuck put a finger to her lips, touched her cheek with his other hand–



She chuckled, a high, menacing screech like Linda’s in the original The Evil Dead (1981) movie–

“Only our love can trump theirs…”

He wrapped his arm around her waist, and she closed her eyes as he kissed her on the lips. In-so-doing, he could feel her rusted teeth, her mouth slimy and wet like in a cartoon or some shit[16]. Within no-time-at-all, Chuck actually found that he rather enjoyed it all, including even the mucus her body was slowly metabolizing all around his, and the slime in her hair overtaking his head, arms and shoulders–

He pulled her body in closer, and–this turning her on even more–tightly squeezed her pancreas through the hole in her stomach–

She lifted her arms up around his head as he carefully lowered her body to the ground. He rolled his hand up her leg, she unbuckled his belt /> and they banged like Kim and Kim Kardashian #Narcissus to the sound of primal history becoming new, with the fires of intellect burning uncontrollably in the background, through the form of a strictly #Defined reality *TheMostDefined –an #AbsolutelyRelativePerspective (#Comp-lexReality ?) –an apparent (assumed?/possible?/proven?/INTER-RUPTED??/IGNORED???) #SingularDivinity only as lost or as found as can be foretold or looked back upon, but only as divided as its song may be sung–

Or heard.


“Drink from the Goblet, the goblet of gore

Taste the zombie’s drug, now you want more

Drifting with the living, joining with the dead

Zombie dwelling maggots now infest your head”

–Death (band), ‘Zombie Ritual’[17]


[1] The worst act imaginable!

[2] So disgusting (like it always is)… XXXOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPP

[3] A combination of the words ‘patches’ and ‘spatula’, meaning: a space which appears to have been hit over and over again with a spatula

[4] #Triggered? #It’sJustAStory,Dude,IfYouConfessPostmodernThinking,YouCanGetOverThat(BecauseToNotToWouldBeToConfineYourselfToUnderstandingOnlyOneWorldview(Yours),RatherThanTheUnderstandingThatOtherWorldviewssExistWhichAreJustAsSusceptibleToSociallyAffectedChangeOrUnderstandingAsYoursOrAnyoneElse’s )

- <3

[5] ‘The Philosopher’, Individual Thought Patterns, Death, Relativity Records 1991

[6] Plato, Republic, 474b-541a; Plato, Phaedrus, 250e–253e; Phaedo, 61c-69e

[7] In this reality…

[8] Because we’d not be partaking in the balance necessary (in this case: between emotion and intellect) to live in any universe in which Absolute Reality or Absolute Relativity are possibly existent #Becoming #Postmodernism #FurtheringPostmodernism

- Absolute Reality/Relativity? Being/Becoming in Reality/Relativity through infinity/no(n)-infinity? (Hashtags???################# )

[9] Evo-Organic: evolving biological existence

[10] Because everything we observe as ‘alive’ in this reality is involved in/has evolution

[11] “In this (Absolute) reality?” ??

[12] Or: the Possibility of that contradiction (the dying-Life vs. the Living-Dead (or: Living-life vs. Dying-dead? Living-Life-as-though-dead vs. dying-Life-as-though-Alive #ComplexAbsolutes #TheCircleOfForms #TheoryOfAbsoluteAbsolutes #RelativeOppositesImplyAbsoluteSubjects ))

[13] Evidence? Relativism? Absolutism? Distraction? Fear? Judgment? Will? Racism? Definition? Emotion? Technicality? Understanding? Dialectic? Society? The Individual? Beauty? Knowledge? Evolution? Intellect? Becoming? Power? Hate? Love? Thought? Time? Life? Death? True love? Me? Us? I? Existence? Who? WHAT?–

[14] ‘Devil’s’ threeway? Accepting people for who they are, so long as they aren’t hurting anyone? Blasphemy!!!

[15] #ProofOfExistence (?)

[16] Some shit? #SlangIsTheLanguageOfTheFuture

[17] ‘Zombie Ritual’. Scream Bloody Gore. Death. Combat Records. 1987

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming Glossary (Philosophy)

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming Glossary (Philosophy)

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Six)

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Six)