Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Four, Part Two (of Six Parts))

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Four, Part Two (of Six Parts))

This is the second part (of six) of Chapter Four to a novella called The Zombie Ritual_A Second Coming by r(E)volutionized founder/contributor John Corry. Book is available in the r(E)volutionized store.


[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

The lobby was on the ground floor, but there was still one floor below it, technically: the basement. The basement was used primarily for utilities and other types of necessities needed for any normal luxury BNB to run properly, let alone one as big and complex as Chuck’s uncle Kam’s–

There was a warehouse down there used for storage…

They ran through the basement after reaching the end of the stairs, this time with Alicia leading. Luckily, though suspiciously in Alicia’s mind, the Dead had yet to make their way down there. Alicia had long-straight-blonde hair, and she worked out like a motherfucker every day, so she looked like a badass #TotalBadass , and walked very confidently. It was dark, however, and the occasional light bulb was indeed scarce, so she couldn’t exhume that much confidence. It was eerily quiet. There were no speakers, so the playlist could only be vaguely overheard from upstairs, and from the ballroom, which wasn’t too far away, ‘architecturally speaking’, from the entire basement floor–

Almost expectedly by this point[1], a rather ‘quiet’ song was coming through the airwaves…

 [Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

The lights in the warehouse were still working; you could observe firsthand the evidence from the cracks under the loosely closed double doors. Alicia proceeded cautiously. These zombies seemed smarter than the ones one usually saw on TV, and she didn’t want to be personally responsible for the Deaths of her two cousins and two other #RandomPeople –

She eased the door open with the tip of her M16 as she peeked inside, Helen behind her.

“Do you see anything,” Helen asked.

“No, do you?”


They opened the door wider, and, upon recognizing no immediate threat, walked inside…

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

The shelves of food were all mostly untouched, and it looked as though no one had been in there since earlier in the day, when the cooks were getting ready for the ‘Immature *TheMostImmature Teenage Dance Party’ #AsIfThatEvenNeedsToBeSaid,EverybodyKn-owsAllTeenageDancePartiesAreImmature . After shutting and board-ing the door behind them, Paul and Chuck ran to the fridge and started stuffing their faces with deli meats and cheeses, anything they could find. They were quite dehydrated from Drinking so much earlier, and then with all that running around they’d been doing in the minutes since the party ended, it was terrible #SoTerrible . Alicia and Helen went to the aisles for nutria-grain bars #SexistWriter? #Because-Nutra-GrainBarsAreOnlyForWomen,GetIt? , and peanut butter #Se-xistWriter?#NuhUh(#YeaHuh(BecausePeanutButterHasProteinInIt,AndOnlyMenNeedProtein,GetIt?)) , and Jim stood watch up front. Jim wasn’t very hungry. Probably wasn’t a drinker… #Loser #Bitch #TotallySexistWriter:’( XD

“Thso did you end up bvhooking up with anyvbody?” Chuck was barely able to ask Paul. They both had their mouths full of food, as these orifices would remain for the duration of this short conversation–

“Bvnot ptechnically,” Paul said. “But I vwas just vwalking upthstairs with thith older chick (gulp) when I ran into Officer Williams–”



“So that’s how you were able to get all those weapons!”

“Yea, dude!” and Paul took another bite from the half-watermelon he was holding with both hands–

With the juice trickling down his face: “Vby the vway, Helen’sth lookin’ real sexthy, bro (big gulp). You mind if I get a crack at her if this all ends up being the end?”

Chuck looked and noticed that Helen’s yoga pants were torn apart. You could see all of her legs (:3), and the majority of her ass (=OO), as she wasn’t wearing any underwear (to be fair, Paul had been shirtless since the outbreak, and Chuck’s pants were virtuallynonexistent (Chuck was wearing boxers (albeit ones with scenes from Re-Animator[2]  drawn all over them, but whatever #LiteraryPriorities #TheUtmostPriority #Re-Animator #Re-AnimatorRules =D))).

“Wait–” Chuck was taken aback :0. “Dawg, fam, like–REAL FAM /> tha’ FUCK is THAT supposed to mean?!–”

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

A Snark cough echoed from across the warehouse, and was more than enough to change the vibe #Don’tEverChangeTheVibe,D-ude,Duh . Alicia, Helen, Jim, Chuck and Paul all noticed it at once. Afterwards, nothing had changed: there was no sound of coming Dead or switch of the genre on the speakers upstairs /> just sheer, very uncomfortable silence (I think Helen may have overheard Paul’s comment #OMGOMGOMG Xo).

“You think we should check it out?” Alicia asked Helen. The cough sounded like it came from around the aisle closest to where they were, as opposed to where Chuck, Paul or Jim was.

“If you wanna go first.”

Alicia walked with the M16 pointed forward and shaking in her hands, with Helen pointing her handgun over Alicia’s shoulder as she walked behind her. Alicia didn’t know why she’d had so much confidence before, back when they were surrounded by the Dead, but now, when there was almost no reason to think this were nearly as bad a situation as the one before, she was starting to lose her shit–

Alicia and Helen turned the aisle. Nothing. Chuck and Paul had caught up to them and they followed closely behind, Jim then behind Paul and Chuck.

There was still nothing there when they turned the other corner, so they walked slowly down that aisle, farther from the door leading into the warehouse–also its only exit–and closer to where they kept the bed sheets and pillow cases and what-not in the back. At its end, the aisle became something of a ‘café’, complete with couches, coffee tables, and a few coat hangers that were always supposed to have jackets on them just in case anybody ever got a little cold in the winter, as there was no heat in the warehouse, and nobody likes to be cold.


[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

The bedding was everywhere xo–

Pillowcases, sheets, anything household related, as well as a good number of empty pill bottles, were all gathered into this one small area at the end of this aisle, and as the living continued to turn the corner, they realized the situation to be far worse–

A group of fifteen people sat unorganized on blood-soaked sheets spread across the floor. There were some sitting on the couch as well, but they were all bloody, once again /> covered head to toe. Some had fingers missing, others had limbs green or rotting black, but they were not the living Dead; that was for sure. On the coffee tables were comics like The Walking Dead, some Batman and X-Men, some DVD copies of movies like The Night of the Living Dead, Hot Rod, The Hills Have Eyes and The Corpse Grinders, as well a large number of stacks of books, including a decent amount of H.P. Lovecraft, H.G. Wells, and Stephen King; copies of The Road by Cormac McCarthy, Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes, Dante’s Inferno, a bible, a koran, a collection of Gustave Doré engravings, shit like that–

The faces stared at them anxiously, their breathing heavy and uneven. Beneath the blood, in bold white writing, several of their otherwise black t-shirts read the Greek ‘Maschalismos’, which was a gruesome ancient Greek process by which they Greeks made sure the Dead would not rise after Death (see: Glossary on pp. 113). Chuck noticed guts around some of their feet, chunks of something in several of the guys’ hipster beards. ‘What are those chunks made of?’ he thought. ‘Well, it certainly isn’t class (#HipstersAreFullOfSHIT-  XD:P ).’

He moved in to directly behind Helen and, in the process, gently touched his hand to her hand (:3). This made her blush and look lovingly back at him before Chuck was able to figure out what she may have been looking at on her other side, what she was so quick to look away from. This final turning of the corner on his part then, unfortunately, put Chuck into view to see what Helen saw…

A bloody carcass hung unconscious from the farthest coat hanger of four. On the others were stumps… stumps of… stumps of something shitty #Puns . There was a LARGE pile of steaming corpses on the other side: the side furthest from Chuck’s previously misgiven view. The smell burst in upon his nostrils the moment he turned to look that way–

As Chuck made direct eye contact, that single remaining zombie opened its eyes, physically about four feet above where it was hooked (xD), and screamed a loud, shrill squeal–

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here][4]

Alicia shot the thing in the head. The group in the circle hissed. Helen felt for her knife, Chuck pulled out another handgun from his waist to ‘double fist’ it, but the ‘Maschalismos’es’ moved in lazily, almost like they had no motivation for anything (!) #WhiteCissMal- es? [5], leaving Helen, Paul, Jim, Chuck, and Alicia confused as to what to do about them[6]

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

There was some mobilization happening on the floor above the warehouse, and in the room next to it (in the ballroom)–

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

The living scurried their little way to the warehouse exit (=). Because Jim was last in the original line, he found himself at the head whence they decided to go that other direction. This changed as Alicia got her mojo back. She picked it up and ran the fuck in front of everyone. She kicked over boxes standing in her way (they took a different route back :/), and when they reached the end of the last aisle to look upon the door, she pointed her M16 steadily /> no shaking or hesitance at all *NotAtAll *NoneAtAll #Seriously,NONE #Who’s-TheSexistNow??? #BITCH #FuckYou #FuckYou #IJustWantMyIde-asConsidered,It’sNotMyFaultIWasRaisedToUseCertain‘Cuss’Words –

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

The door was being pushed against, it was bulging like a pregnant lady ‘bout to burst by the time our ‘heroes’ showed up; the board locking it in place was sure to break soon–

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

The board broke and the door SURGED down, and with it came a multitude of zombies feeding on /> another zombie! They’d become so hungry and restless while trying to break the door down that they’d begun to eat their own! The stiff lay convulsing on the ground, screeching amongst the crowd, and looked to even be physically conjoining with those feeding on it, who were then, in turn, being fed upon by the rest of the pile as more came barging in through the door opening–

The living began shooting. Because there were so many, there was no question that the only way the living were going to make it out of this one was to race through them as quickly as possible. Alicia shot all around as they quickly surrounded her, but she knew in the back of her mind that it was useless. ‘This is all useless,’ she thought rather expectantly, expected especially after that last line from the narrator (‘me’ (xp)). ‘It’s all over.’

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

She shot around in a circle, opened a small release for herself–

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

She felt in her coat pocket a big ball of some kind–

 “Concerto No. 3 in G Major for Violin and Orchestra, K. 216: I. Allegro”–Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart–1775

Alicia drew the grenade from her pocket, unlocked the pin, raised it high above her head, screamed to Jim, Helen, Paul and Chuck: “HEADS UP!!!!–”


A zombie jumped from the ceiling, at the hand Alicia had raised, the one holding the grenade with the pin already pulled–

Helen screamed: “Alicia, NOOOOOOOOO!!!–”

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

The grenade exploded, along with the body/mind/soul(?) which held it, but it achieved what it so intended to achieve: it SLAUGHTERED the group of Dead in the surrounding blast radius. Chuck, Helen, Paul and Jim all ducked, but could still not fully dodge the flying debris and zombie guts–

They ran through the door and into the basement like their lives depended on it (which, once again ‘ironically’, they did #Isn’t-ThatWeird? ), but the Dead were also quick to rebound. Near the end of the more dense area after the door, a hand grabbed onto Chuck’s wrist, but Helen was able to saw it off with her knife and grab it (Chuck’s wrist), before anything bad was permitted to happen–

<3 <3

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

The elevator was a short sprint away; however, its door was also closed–

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

As the Dead fumbled around looking for where the living had ‘disappeared’ to, the living were able to outrun them, gaining enough time to get over there–to the elevator–press the ‘up’ button, and then wait a few seconds for the door to open before the Dead could draw near enough to ingest them all like ‘dogs’ sniff ‘feces’–

Alright, they may have been a little quicker than that–


Luckily, the elevator door opened just in time #JustInThe-NickOfTime! , so they backed their way into it without even looking to see if there were anyone–or anything–else in there!

The elevator doors closed, for a moment all was quiet–

Until they heard the breathing from behind…


[1] So expectedly…

[2] ReAnimator. Dir. Stuart Gordon; Prd. Brian Yuzna; Starring Ash Abbot, Barbara Crampton; based on Herbert West-Reanimator by H.P. Lovecraft; Distributed by Empire International Pictures, Reanimator Productions, 1995

[3] One of the many benefits of living in a developed society: never having to be cold (ever)

[4] *Technical note: the title of the song meant to appear here was also meant to make the understanding of this plot-development clearer (Cannibal Corpse fans: think old-school)

[5] A ‘white ciss male’ is a term used by the alt-left (or: the Regressive Left #ShouOutToMajiidNawaz ) to describe ‘normal’ white Americans who are by-nature dismissing of anyone who is not a ‘white ciss male’ (keyword: ‘by nautre’ #Hypocritical? ), and it is used here satirically: I do not find that ‘white ciss males’ are unmotivated, in fact, I would argue the contrary (and even if they are unmotivated, why is that? Could it be, perhaps (though it may not be due to this alone), because they are being constantly told that all they ultimately amount to in life is being a ‘white ciss male’ and nothing more? #Hypocrite How dare he have an opinion on something #JudgementIsACrazyThing #TheComplexityOfSocietalWill #TheCirclesOfThinkingIdeologically

[6] Metaphor?

[7] Plato, Republic, 375e-376e o.O #PhilosophyJokes

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