Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Four, Part Six (of Six Parts))

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Four, Part Six (of Six Parts))

This is the sixth part (of six) of Chapter Four to a novella called The Zombie Ritual_A Second Coming by r(E)volutionized founder/contributor John Corry. Book is available in the r(E)volutionized store.


[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

Chuck and Helen ran across the field to the luxury suite. Obviously, the entrance to it from the lobby was no longer operational, so they had to go through the secret way: through the basement. Running once again, however, Helen was not nearly her strong and alert self–

Half the way there, and still in the middle of the field, she fell–

“What’s wrong?!” Chuck screamed as he stopped to help her up–

“I don’t know!–”

She had those dark circles under her eyes, and Chuck could tell that her body was being weakened by something–

He helped her up–

“5th Symphony”–Ludwig Van Beethoven–1808

The fire burned great on the wood surrounding the suite, and on its sides, making a kind of giant flaming border around its iron edges, the same iron used to make the doors of the honeymoon suite. They still had a decent head start on the chasing Dead, so Chuck put any trace of negativity out of his mind, and did his feeble best to keep the pace as he caught a glimpse into its windows–

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

It was exactly how he’d hoped: there were no Dead in there–

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

They came to the laborers entrance: the steep concrete stairs through the heavily locked metal door on the ground–

Chuck SMASHED open the lock with his #MightySword –

They headed down…

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

 [Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

The basement was a tornado–

Winds blew over ninety mph, gusting throughout, producing loud swooshing sounds, and moving furniture all around /> and it smelled absolutely terrible (xOp)worse than anything Chuck had ever smelled in his entire life (!)–like the air was unambiguously wrapped in tight balls of humidity and shit that would burn your skin clean off in a moment if the steaming wind weren’t blowing so hard and so frequently–

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

The wind was sucking everything toward something /> toward whatever lay on the side of the basement opposite the side Chuck and Helen were trying to get to–

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

Chuck held Helen close–

“Chuck, what’s going on!?!?”

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

They could hear gurgling and screeching as they moved slowly from around corners and underneath floors, but the Dead did not make themselves visible, or, perhaps, they couldn’t


Helen stopped trying to walk forward, #ForciblyForced Chuck to do the same. She fell to her knees; Chuck followed her down–

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

 “Chuck, I have to tell you something…”

He tried to get her to get moving, but she was adamant. It was like she got all of her #Strength back for that one moment when Chuck needed her not to #HowDidSheKnowHerStrength?(Saiyan?)-???!!!>:( [1] !

She pulled him in by his lapel, nose to nose–


“We were gonna do it tonight…”


Chuck smiled.


She did too.

:) :) :)

=D <3 <3 xop ,|, :p XP </3 =O–

“It was gonna be awesome,” he said back.

“So awesome–”

“It can still be awesome!” Chuck was in denial :(. “We’re almost to the luxury suite–luxury always produces great sex–plus: my uncle Kam was a crazy-insane sex-addict, mad into bondage, masochist anal, all sorts of shit–”


She put a finger to his lips, before kissing him there /> still no tongue.


Afterwards, she said: “There’s no use now.”

She looked down, lifted the bottom of her shirt up, and Chuck followed her eyes to notice the giant gash in her stomach, the one that had been there since the outbreak first began. It’d grown in size and rotten color–grown immensely–and it now took up over ninety percent of her stomach, extending through thick, bulging green and purple veins going all the way up to her neck, and down to her feet–

“Chuck, I need you to promise me something,” she said. “I need–”

Chuck grabbed Helen’s hip–though carefully avoiding the wound (of course xD)–and pulled her in tight, to lay a huge and awesome kiss on her–

>Total Tongue<

=D =D =D


-that lasted a good few moments /> though far shorter than any mature person in that type of situation would have preferred it to. For that one cliché *TheMostCliché moment, it seemed like the wind stopped, like the whooshing noises ceased, the smell snuffed out as if never there /> like the world stopped moving, and the dead started Living.



Afterwards, Helen was speechless #GoodJob=D –

There were tears in her eyes :’(. She was sobbing–

“You need to forget about me, Chuck–”

The wind picked up–

“Forget about me, Chuck!–”

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

The wind swept Helen and Chuck both straight off their knees, sent them hurling toward that other end of the room. The Dead came out in droves as they flew, from beneath every outlet, and from out of every pixel in view–

Helen was ahead. Chuck tried to reach out to her, but he couldn’t–

The source of #TheSuck was a black hole, but it wasn’t ‘black’ in the traditional sense; there was a lot of gray, white and even some semblances of ‘rainbow splotches’ in certain areas /> in some ways it looked almost two-dimensional. The only part that was actually black was this very small dot in the very center, but even that wasn’t a guarantee #CanYouReallySeeSomethingThatSmall??? . Surrounding this ‘hole’, waves of all colors lapsed out over time into the proximate areas, turning, eventually, into something more resembling ‘paint-blobs’ next to ‘paint-blobs’, which then ‘gradually evolved’ into the visions humans see (like the wall, for example, or the dehumidifier), and was where much of the other things making up the ‘outside’, or the ‘outer rims’, of #TheSuck , were being pulled in-to and out-of /> all the severed heads and limbs, the blood, the offensive #Bugs-OfTheDead , Chariots of Death, and ‘normal’ living Dead zombies were all being shrunk into–and grown out from–this one small black dot in the center of that ‘Becoming’ ‘black’ hole, also the only part of it that could be ‘mistaken’ to look three-dimensional–

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

With one hand, Helen held onto a wooden bar hooked onto the very edge of #TheSwirl –

“Hellllllleennnnnnnnnn!!!!“ Chuck screamed as he reached as far as he could *TheFarthest*TheAbsoluteFarthest #SoFar . His body was caught firmly in a large hole in the wall a few feet away (though it felt more like a few miles); he wasn’t moving from it unless of his own very strong accord–

Helen had her eyes closed. Once again[2], she was smiling–


“Helen, don’t let go!!!”

“Forget about me, Chuck!” she yelled back, head swaying with the wind, eyes still closed, smile still wide =), wider than it had ever been /> ever.


“Forget about me!–”

And she let go.


[1] Do I really need to say it again? …

[2] THE SMILES! THE HUGS! WHEN DOES IT END?!?!?!?! ;;;;;;\\\\\\\\\\\\;\;\;\\\;\;;;\;\;;;\\\;\;\;;;\;\\\;\\\\\’

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