Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Four, Part Five (of Six Parts))

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Four, Part Five (of Six Parts))

This is the fifth part (of six) of Chapter Four to a novella called The Zombie Ritual_A Second Coming by r(E)volutionized founder/contributor John Corry. Book is available in the r(E)volutionized store.


Chuck ran out the door and he, Helen and Jim ran away from his Uncle Kam’s burning BNB.

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

A fireball shot out from the lobby door and into the sky /> before the entire place went up like burnt meat on Thanksgiving day #Quick  #GrowSomeTaste,Dude . The windows blew out with smoke and fire; the Greek columns glowed like torched crosses across the sea at the end of the apocalypse all religions seem to think is the only reason for life…

XP =’d :P =D =D <3 <3

The Dead’s wailing and screeching could still be heard from inside quite well–and easily–but, contrary to what one may have thought after seeing them pour into the lobby only a minute or so before, there were surprisingly little Dead outside, and the few that were out there were all running towards the burning BNB, not away from it. Even more strangely, they completely ignored the existence of Helen, Jim and Chuck! Chuck figured they must have been obsessively attracted to the heat #SexJoke? .

They reached a spot far enough from the building where there were no Dead in close vicinity and Helen fell to the ground–

“Helen, are you okay?!”

Chuck ran over, knelt to her side. She was smiling :), and laughing xD, lying on her back with her eyes closed ><–

“There’s grass!” she giggled. “I can’t believe there’s still grass!”

Chuck smiled to himself (:), and kissed her on the cheek (:º). He may have noticed a quiet tear fall from Helen’s eye :’), but she kept laughing /> she kept laughing hard.


Chuck turned onto his back and, holding himself up by leaning his arms diagonally behind him, looked back at the flaming building, where the stars shone bright above the ashes. There was a slight breeze, which the Greek columns at the entrance were especially affected by, as their flames all teetered with the wind to Chuck’s observed right, stretching high up into the sky, along with the flames from the rest of the building burning behind them. Chuck really couldn’t believe their luck with this one: ignoring the trees and the forest beyond, and the fact that one couldn’t see into them to know if the case were any different over that way, there were no Dead within at least a fifty square foot radius of where they were sitting…


“You know, I was listening to you at the party,” Jim said.


Chuck looked over his shoulder to see Jim staring at him intensely.


Chuck raised an eyebrow.


“Oh yea?”




[Insert ‘Metal’ Here]

 “It kind of got me thinking about God as an Absolute[3],” Jim said. “And about love and Death in relation to that idea–

“According to most religions, God is all there is. I’m not sure if any of them actually say that, but that’s always what I got out of them. ‘God is infallible, he created everything, and, if he wanted to, he could destroy us all,’ or so the story goes. But, like you said to Scott, or I guess it was more so to yourself by that time, looking at it from where we are now, can Death be considered that same ‘ultimate’[4], or: the only inescapable path of life, over which God must inevitably overtake, no matter what[5]? We don’t know what happens after Death–we can’t–just as we can’t know God, but we’re closer to Death than we are to God, right? In the sense that we can see Death–what happens at that moment when it overtakes life–this means we know for a fact that it exists, whereas one cannot apply those facts or ideas to any modern or ancient conception of God, that being the whole point of the Ideal of God, or: #God’sPointOfReason in the first place: to provide us with comfort in Becoming… or, perhaps that’s just the point of existence in the first place…[6] (Kierkegaard)

“With that formula in mind[7] (Death vs. God), along with the idea of Love as an Overseer[8], which in this case would be God given its inherently unknown and infinitely widespread application with which only Love is potentially comparable, would that make God the Absolute over all others, eventually overtaking even Love itself, as God is necessarily above everything, as defined: even the infinitely open-minded and unpredictable[9]? The absolute absolute absolute Overseeing overseer of all overseers, is she??? Could this (Death) be the only Overseer possible in a universe where emotion must always trump fact, because it is that (emotion) which what makes us real–not fact, technicality, or any type of understanding of Opposites, Becomings, or Balances[10]emotion, which we do indeed all share, which is the only thing which we can all possibly share, the only possible thing that can lead us to #AbsoluteTrueLove , #Absol-uteTrueLove being the Ultimate goal of all things, perhaps even of the universe itself[11]?”

Chuck had nothing. Jim looked off, kept talking…[12]

“I feel like Plato is to blame for the doom in which humanity has always been destined–his theory of Absolutes and necessitated ‘classes’[13] called ‘Forms’–for no other reason than mere fun on his part, as far as I can tell[14]. I see him and his ideas as responsible for that one-sided view of religion, God, love–everything in fact–we’ve now seen officially destroy our species. By placing an inherently analytical meta-philosophical imprint on a Singular ideal of ‘The unknown’, which, by definition, cannot be Singular, because it is unknown[15], did he set up the downfall of humanity by way of masked ignorance? Ignorance masked as knowledge–as its direct/Simple Opposite–ignoring the infinity of infinities between them; and was it because of this that people then began to Fear Death so magnificently? Was it this ‘Circle of Forms’–this obsession with knowledge–that ironically forced humanity to let go of that which cannot be ‘defined’–again, because it is that which can only be ‘lived’–out of humble tiredness, or through a subsequent inability to focus on life, and instead choosing to focus on ‘focus’ itself[16], for a potential survival instinct if not for any other reason? To let it go, not only physically, but to become irrevocably attached to #Ideal –as if ‘Ideal’ were the only reason Existence Exists!–or to #Comfort –or to a more ‘attainable’ or romanticized kind of #Life [17]?”

Jim looked back to Chuck, who was now staring intensely back at him, waiting as patiently as he could to see where Jim was going with this…

“But if that’s merely possible–‘Possibility’ being one of the most Complex Forms humanity can if only just begin to understand right now–that makes ‘God the Form’ Relative[18], which, being infallible, she can’t be. If there is a way to cancel out the Absolute Form of something–like you were saying earlier in your theory of absolute Absolutes[19]–that just means that Perspective is the only Absolute, in that Perspective is inherent both in its definition and its practicality that it can’t be defined. Because Perspective is always changing, there must exist some One Absolute Entity who must differentiate reality-in-the-universe (‘Reality’) as the picture of the means any specific being has to understand her (God); otherwise no Form, be it living, Dead, simply material, overseeing, Ultimate overseeing, Ultimate Overseeing Overseeing #UltimateOverseeing-OverseeingOverseeing(>><<∞) or otherwise, would ever have any way of seeing or understanding anything because, without that conscious Overseer, it wouldn’t have that basic subconscious ability to ‘Understand’ in the first place–that overseeing Overseer being the path from which the Forms of Knowledge, Beauty, Intellect, Under-standing, and love all come, and form (Hegel). If this is observable in our universe right now[20], which I would argue it is because we can in fact see and perceive things on a sub-physical scale[21], then that means that there is nothing but that ‘God’, but that overseeing-God, because she inhabits everything; because she is everything, Being and Becoming, and nothing else[22]…”


 “But what if love is the Overseer?” Chuck said in offense #TotallyOffended #SoOffended*SoOffended [23] (x!). “This only Overseer you say is somehow observable in our evolutionarily limited perception of our currently perceivable universe (X![24])? What about the possibility of a Form which needs no Absolute Relativity? No ‘definition’ or refined perspective-based conception of reality or to exist? To exist for and within itself? Something that just ‘is’ or ‘is not’–chaotic and secure, in perfect harmony with one another–and nothing more? Because it inherently needs nothing more or less, given that we are defining it in ‘this moment’ as ‘the ultimate overseeing overseer of all overseers’, knowingly only as it must be defined if it must be defined by/for/because of ‘existence’?”

“Oh, love,” and Jim rolled his eyes (:!). “Well, love seems to evade definition altogether, even the possibility of ‘definition’ itself, doesn’t it? And is that not worrisome[25]? There are some types of love that make life worth living, others that make it worth killing for[26], or that could even sway one into believing that killing life itself makes sense in a universe in which ‘life’ has to ‘exist’ in order for any ‘universe’ to[27]. Forgetting Perspective, or Death, or even love momentarily, the universe cannot exist in this reality without life, because otherwise, it would be Dead–never existent, in any reality[28]. However, because we are Life, we are Perspective, we cannot see it objectively, just as we cannot see our own eyes (Watts), but the question, of course, then, may be: can we see it through love? Is love the answer to seeing the universe objectively? To seeing God objectively? Or to moving into a dimension without Time-In-Reality as #God’sAbsolute ?”

Jim chuckled, wove a hand through his hair, rolled his eyes again as he once more faced the sky.

“You and Helen are so good together,” he said. “We all hope you end up happily ever after…”

“But I’m afraid the reality is that you very most likely will not. I’m sure that after Death, your mind can form whatever Form it needs to form through that love, but here, right now, this place will destroy you both, and everyone knows it. Helen might not care, or she might not care to know it, but we need you alive.”

“What is that supposed to mean?–”

“You should know…”

Jim faced Chuck again, but this time, there was no smile. He had those dark circles under his eyes, and they should have reminded Chuck of the ones under Paul’s just before he went, but they didn’t. Chuck wondered why they didn’t, but, even more so, why he was now so entranced by hearing Jim go on…

“You’re our leader, aren’t you?” Jim said. “The ‘In-Love’[29]? Human Beings know nothing without Human Beings In-Love. Without them, all we’d know is Death and Dying, because life is brought to Life by love. Without it, only Death, only the ‘Absolutely Absolute Unknown’, can provide solace in this ever-darkening universe, and bring to life this natural state of Dying-life, and especially through to a mind that wasn’t trained to look for that alone. But how can we train for that if not for you? (Nietzsche)”

Chuck didn’t Understand–

“I don’t understand–”

“Look at her.”

Chuck looked to Helen. She was sleeping; her head rested on both of her hands clamped together as a pillow with her knees pulled up, Chuck still thought he saw a vague smile still imprinted on her face.


“She loves you,” Jim said. “And you love her so much that you’re not overwhelmed, as any Truly Intellectual Being should be, if she or he weren’t being indulgent into one-sided self-absorption and pretentiousness[30], by the existence of true Love’s Implication, such an Implication as should be reached by ‘Time-In-This-Reality’, #God’sAbsolute –time at all in fact–‘infinity’[31], and, the Circle of Forms.”

“What Implication?”

“Love’s Death–”[32]

“How do you figure?”

“Remembering the rather obvious implications provided by #Time’s Circles of life and Death[33], and momentarily forgetting God, time or love as Defined Abstract Forms[34], True love and God are the only True Overseeing Absolute Absolute Opposites. Love because it’s infinitely infinite, its open-minded uninhabited-and-inhabited-within-all-things (as opposed to: by all things for its own sake) makes it infinitely unknowing, and God because she #Knows everything, yet we (life) can’t ever know all of her, even though we come from her[35], and even though she is the only possible conscious/defined representation of any truly representable depiction of any observable universe which exists (or: lives (Becomes (loves (<3) ;) ;) ;)[36]. They’re like Death and #RelativeTime : one is more powerful than the other–

“Because one can only exist with the nonexistence–­the complete and inherently simple pre-destruction–the Deletion from ALL TIME, REALITY AND DIMENSION!!!–of ‘the other’[37]–”

Chuck shook Helen awake. The Dead were looking or sniffing around for something in their general area, much closer to them now than before–

“Helen, we need to leave.”

She woke up, dazed–

“What? Who?[38]–”

The zombies had spotted them–

“We need to go now–”

“But Chuck, Death is merely foretold in this life.”

Chuck helped Helen to her feet as Jim kept talking. He did not stand with them.


“Along with ‘God’, or ‘The Universe’, or ‘Existence’, #Love [39] is inescapable–assumed in every way, and at every moment[40]–you of all people know that, I know you do! Because of that, in relation to the other two[41], and that relation’s connection to ‘#Love ’s’ compatibility with Absolute Reality/Relativity, love is relative, and only relative–and therefore Absolutely synonymous with ‘Relative Definition’–in #God’sAbsoluteReality/Relativity .”

“Chuck, why isn’t he standing up?” Helen asked. The zombies were officially closing in[42].

“Because he’s one of them–”

Chuck grabbed Helen’s hand and led her off. They could see the flames around the outside of the luxury suite once they got a few feet away from where they were sitting with Jim, maybe a hundred yards out from the building. Helen was not quick to run, and Chuck wondered why: she seemed so groggy, but she’d only been out a couple of minutes–

“But I believe in you, Chuck!” Jim called after them, still sitting, not moving, as the Dead made their final approach to him, as they gored into him. “Through your teachings, the Circle of Forms, and God’s Absolute in Relative Human Death as Defined Infallibly through God’s love and Gifts of Understanding and Empathy or Suffering!!! or breakage cannot sway or poison me!!!! [43]

The Dead gorged his eyes, they tore into his stomach; they ripped his intestines out through his mouth, his veins through his urethra, his voice a distant muffle–

“I believe!!!”


[1] So hard…

[2] Uh-oh… ><

[3] #ASingularDivinity

[4] Introduction to Death as the only Overseer/the Overseer of all Overseers

[5] This may be to indict a fear that the universe is indeed never-ending, and that that is unacceptable, or somehow not compatible with life or existence as we know them

[6] …What? (God only exists to provide humans with comfort in the face of the Death? Existence is only a security factor in an otherwise indelibly chaotic infinity in which no focus could ever even be attempted? Perception is Time-Reality? God is Existence (PerceptionxTimeReality=God÷Existence(TimedIntellect) ?)?)

- This is all part of Jim’s delusion: that ‘comfort’, as defined, should mean anything more than ‘a balance of pleasure and pain (or: pleasure and self-control, pain and ‘peace-of-mind’ #MoreComplex )’, ‘a balance of living and Death (#SimpleVComplex )’ ‘a balance of sense-data and knowledge’, etc. (or is it something else??? #Mask??? o.OO)

[7] MoralityxTimexExistence=(Death÷God)∞ (?)

[8] The mention of ‘Overseers’ is intentionally supposed to be getting tired by this point, to symbolize that, once again, we can either continue on in yet another ‘circle’ attempting to define which ‘reality’ we may be in (‘Reality’ as a constant as can’t be necessarily ‘defined’ #Circles ), and under what Form as an ‘Overseer’ we ‘exist’, or: we can simply move on (to Living?)

[9] Is it ironic that ‘the unpredictable’ is arguably the most basic and instinctual reason for the conception or recognition of God in the first place? Is it only because of this fear/un-knowledge (or: ego-beat-down?) that the current conception of God is able to retain perceived existence?  Or: is the fact that it exists (that ‘thought’, or ‘conception’, or ‘recognition’, of the existence of a One Overseeing ‘God’), and that it has a reason to, proof that some type of unification between all living things (and especially those with similar DNA (experience)), be it conscious, subconscious, ‘universal’, scientific, ‘spiritual’, ‘God’, or otherwise, must exist Somewhere in Time as well #ShoutOutToIronMaiden ?

[10] Because those things are things which can only lead us farther away from #AbsoluteTrueLove #Delusional

[11] Does the universe need a ‘goal’? Could the universe potentially be ‘the goal’ in and of itself? Or is that just a higher level of being or understanding, implying that the understanding of ‘Understanding’ is indeed the ‘goal of the universe’? The understanding of ‘Something Else’ (‘the many’ (Plato))? God? Empathy? The balance and relationship between Empathy and Personal Responsibility? Death? …

[12] Blabbermouth …

[13] The use of the word ‘classes’ is meant to pass over an argument claiming that definition specifically is what is to blame for the divisions between people #AlreadyExamined , and not directly relatable to the argument at hand (the faith in those definitions). Conversely, the mention of this word can also be taken as a troll, considering Aristotle’s classifications of ‘categories’, which were hugely influential of, and are still very useful in, science and biology (genus, species etc.) #TotallyTrolled #TakeThat,Fake-NewsScientistsOfTheNewWorldOrder

[14] Nietzsche, Friedrich. The Birth of Tragedy: Out of the Spirit of Music. Translated by Sean Whiteside. Penguin Classics. 1994 (For the record, I recognize the fact that I’m pretty much totally ripping this book off with The Zombie Ritual_A Second Coming (also: Twilight of the Idols, ‘What I Owe to the Ancients’, 2 /> I rip off Nietzsche a lot, makes you want to go and read it though, right?

[15] #Foreshadowing…xo

[16] Is this to say that any kind of ‘force’, on the human side, is redundant? That, if it happens with a heart full of tiredness, bitterness, and short attention spans, this transcendence into a world based on a this ‘defined’ love, or a lack of understanding of Balance, and human-life (Emotion V. Technicality/Intellect V. Instinct), can turn humanity into that very thing it claims to want to fight against? #DeathThroughDying (Death through Dying vs. Death through living (are you going to die because you ‘died’, or are you going to die because you ‘lived’? #Cliché #FuckYou))?

[17] This may be to question an example of a ‘Complex Form’ coming from a Simple Opposite (#Life from ‘Ideal’) in the same way Plato says that Simple Opposites come from one another (Phaedo). Or maybe of Forms coming from different spheres of existence or realities altogether! from spheres where time does not even exist, for example! and opposing other Forms in such a way that is incomprehensible to #Human ? This seems to somewhat contradict some earlier statements in this book (the thing about Simple Opposites being the first bearers of the origins of existence vs. Complex Opposites being the destroyers of it (“…way of deleting Forms…” pp. 19) (the infinity of the ladder of formal infinities (definition as needed for our perception of the universe)) (is this contradiction proof of the validity of love or open-mindedness existing only as on every scale, the glue that holds the universe together #LoveIsDarkMatter #HateIs‘Light’Matter(TheLightThatPeopleKnow;) ? (is this a fuck-up or an infinity? (an infinity of infinities???)))) #MoreCircles… #MoreQuestions…

- Fuckin romance, man…

[18] Is this saying that ‘Relativity’ is also ‘one of the ‘most’ complex Forms humanity can conceive of right now’? One of humanity’s first understood ‘Overseers’? Or could it be just another inevitable part of ‘Understanding’, as applied and put into practical use (equality) by ‘Evolution’?

[19] The Zombie Ritual_A Second Coming, pp. 35-40 (also: pp. 17) (see also: glossary on pp. 113)

[20] The existence of Inevitable Perception

[21] You can read this, Chuck can hear Jim

- Sub-physical scale=a kind of pseudo-intellectual scale

[22] This may be to say that this ‘God’ is, or at least has a closer tie to (as far as it goes that we can perceive her right now), that conflict between ‘everything’ and ‘nothing’, or between all Opposites, in replacement of balance, or understanding, or definition, love (potentially), possibility (in fact, all judgmental Forms) etc. Is it to say that the idea of the ‘One Overseeing overseer God’ is the one most based upon ‘conflict’, or: /> primal survival instincts? #MoreCircles … #MoreQuestions #BelieveWhatYouWant,JustDon’tBe-ADickAboutIt#MoreQuestions…#MoreCirlces

[23] So offended…

[24] What an idiot not to get this XXX!!!!... #Joke #FuckYou

[25] That something can evade, or side-step, Possibility

[26] Plato, Phaedrus, 250d–252b, ‘Plight of the Mad Lover’ (title mine)

[27] Perspective as the ‘Overseer’ of Time-Based Realities

[28] ‘Defined Life’ as the simpler Form under the ‘Overseer’ ‘Form’ ‘Perspective’, ‘life’/‘Death’, or vice-versa

[29] Or: The Path to God? The closest amalgamation with the One overseeing Overseer God who exists within, without, inside and outside all time and existence? The defined ‘loving’ only as it pertains to the #Time-based reality in which only #Love , as defined, is applicable and potentially Overseeing (overseeing?), or: as far as we can tell right now?

[30] Plato’s ‘Plight of the Mad Lover’ from Phaedrus, 253c-257a (title mine)

- Love as Escapism

- Indulging into Technicality and Intellect, at the cost of Likeability and Emotion, would imply division because she/he is obviously being indulgent into one thing (technicality, in this example) far more than its direct Opposite (emotion, in the ‘technicality’ example), or its True Relative Opposite (a kind of emotional technicality), and, therefore, not recognizing the potential for balance or the Individual’s place in the universe (as one of many Individuals)

- Pretentious? There’s no indication that I’m doing that with the writing of this, is there? #FuckNo #OfCourseNot #I’mJustTryingToMakeMoney #I’mJustTryingToForgetMyProblems #I’mJustTryingToForgetMyProblems(ThroughMakingMoney:D) #FUCKNo*FuckNo*FuckNo*FuckNo

- $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

[31] #Infinity

[32] Because love and Death could be considered such ‘polar’ opposites (they both having opposing views of infinity (and mortality)

[33] That everything born must die, metaphysical aspects of generational reproduction etc.

[34] If something is an Abstract Form, does that mean it’s not possibly understandable in this reality? In the universe? Or: does it mean it’s more of a ruse? Or a distraction? I think it’s a nice opportunity to ask a question, and if that question turns out to be a pain in the ass, to forget about that question, until a later time :)

[35] #InherentConflicts #TheJesusParadox

[36] True Love has a connection implied; God ‘is’ that connection so far as Implication deems it necessary to recognize ‘Possibility’ (‘Possibility’ including the possibility of True Love), and and apply it to that connection /> or to continue in circles ;D

- Keep in mind that this id different that ‘Love’ or ‘love’, etc.

- #MoreCirclesMoreCirclesMoreCircles

[37] (Plato’s Parmenides) Could this be a ‘Perspective’??? #WhoKnowsWhoKnows #MoreCircles

[38] Where? Why?

[39] Love as the ‘Ultimate’ Overseer Complex Form, in this example

[40] Assumed Time as the Ultimate Overseeing Overseer Complex Form of All Overseeing Complex Forms under no other Overseeing Form, Simple or Complex (Forms can only be ‘Overseeing’ if they inherently involve a recognition and reaction from both its direct Opposite and all of its potential Relative Opposites

- Where does ‘Assumption’ stand in all this? If we’re going to stand by the statement ‘don’t assume things’, maybe nowhere (and maybe that’s a way out of the circle? #Chariots? )…

[41] ‘God’ and ‘The Universe’

[42] So officially…

[43] …is God (or: anything other than ‘the Self’ (a conflagration of God (the soul?) and the Individual)) the only reason you have the capacity to understand something? Or to feel anything? Do people have to put any work in to learn new things, or ‘experience’ in to feel new things, or is it all predetermined, because if it’s predetermined, that means that there is no point in anyone putting any effort into anything at all, because God has already made her call, and humans have no say, so why fucking bother? Could this be why people get bored and end up taking a hypocritical crap on everything they claim to care for? Is it really so confusing to see why our world is the way it is right now (in 2017) when people put more faith into God than they do the potential ‘gifts god gave us’? like love, understanding, technology, the ability to learn new things, the ability to firsthand help other people? I mean why would God give us life if she didn’t want us to live #Bitch? ? What could it say about any God if she were to require a sacrifice of the very things she gave her constituents (intellect, life, perspective etc.), in order to see/know/feel that she existed, or had the potential to exist #TheOneInTheMany#Understanding , let alone to know any other reasons why she may have made us? Moreover, what could those reasons be, if not, ultimately, to Live (to help (Care) and to Understand? Does God want us to be miserable? What kind of creator would want its creation to function as a negative? Or, if she did make us inherently unable to fully understand her (or (though this is admittedly a different question): to make humans theoretically unalterably miserable), could she still have made us because she wanted us to Live, because she knew that Living (becoming), undefined, was the only way we would ever be able to get a glimpse into her world, into what she made the universe to truly be, and what she could still do with it #MoreCircles #MoreAndMoreCircles #ButWhatDoHumansHaveToDoWithIt? #TheCircleOfForms #ButHowDoWeKnow? #ButHowDoWeKnow,ForSure? #MoreAndMoreAndMoreCircles #MoreAndMoreAndMoreAndMoreCircles #TheOneAndTheMany #Parmenides #AllKnowingAndEverChanging? #TheSquaresOfIdeologies #TheSquaresOfIdeologues #Zarathustra #HarryPotter #TheTrueFaith …

- Also see Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit for more thought on what #ASingularDivinity may be, as well as how it may integrate itself into Man’s subconscious, and what the consequences of that may or may not be (that book is also recommended for further understanding of ‘Overseeing Forms’, and of modern philosophy and philosophy in general (dude started much of we’re seeing played out today (in 2017)

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Four, Part Six (of Six Parts))

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Four, Part Six (of Six Parts))

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Four, Part Four (of Six Parts))

Zombie_Ritual__Second_Coming (Chapter Four, Part Four (of Six Parts))